Since Feb 13, 1999

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IT Contractor

US Army 1991-1998. LoD Disabled Veteran.

VA VOC Rehab 1998-2003. Rehabilitated to IT.

Re-activated clearance and RTD as IT-Scumbag contractor.

OIF 2004 - 2007.

OIF deployment/MCFI AOR 2004 - 2007.

Camp Alpha, Babylon, TCF, MND-CS, -July, 2004

MEF Fallujah, Camp Alpha Babylon, Camp Delta Al Kut, Camp Baker Najaf, Camp Lima Karbala, Camp Delta Diwaniyah, FOB Hotel MEF (BFN), CSC Scania, Camp Charlie Al Hillah, Camp Victory Baghdad, IZ et al, FOB Warhorse Tikrit, Camp Speicher Tikrit, MEFs 3 and 4, 3rd AD Najaf -and a bunch of other places I can’t even remember. These were ours. We supported them 24/7. Six man team. 100-hr work week, 3.5 years.

OUP 2011.

OIR 2014-2015 -deployed.

OEF 2007 - to present.

OEF 2009- and OIR 2015 - to present.

Many other Ops all over the ME.