Since Feb 5, 2004

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My mission is to take down Marxist Big Government. I spent my youth (once a week) in the fetal position under my desk preparing for the day when the Commies lit off a H-bomb on the Boeing plant north of my school. Now they are working to turn this nation into the Utopian world they were unable to create in the Soviet Union. They are the parasites of our human freedom that mankind has worked for generations to eliminate. I have worked endless hours in the Republican Party to squash these bugs like the ants I used to squash as a kid on the school playground.

Those who are too stupid to realize they are working for the Communist are like drones sent into a mountain top when the program was flawed. They should copy off their own Darwin Award because they are Lemmings with the brains of a pea. It is my mission to educate those voters with enough brains to understand that it is the pea brains who need to be out voted and their Commie masters eliminated.