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110 economists back Bush tax plan

Angry White Women - Backlash against Feminism

AP: FBI Sent Hamas Money in Late 1990's (link title- FBI sent money to Hamas in Clinton days)

Ayn Rand in Retrospect

Back To PC School

British clergy have doubts about virgin birth

Counterfeit Individualism

Defeating "Gay" Arguments with Simple Logic

Europe's new faceof anti-Semitism(Euro-trash barf alert)

Fascism, corruption, my 'Democratic' Party

Galilee Drought Uncovers Oldest Village In The World

GOD in Washington


Housing Bubble Deflating: Will The Us Consumer Follow?

Ignorance Making You Ill? Cure It!

In Defense of Elitism

Intelligent Design is not Optimal Design

Israel to Become a Monarchy; Arafat to Lose the Election

Israeli state terror has killed more than 800 this year

Lack of Capitlism Breeds Poverty

Letter from an ANGRY Reader

Loss Estimates Are Cut on Iraqi Artifacts

Mark Steyn: Looting Iraq's 'heritage'

Misplaced Faith (Why Ashcroft Frightens Me) (Super-size barf alert!)

NEA's Anti-education Partisanship Exposed

Need For Ritlin Rooted In Lax Parenting

Old-Fashioned Phonics Deemed a Winner in Washington State

Overweight? Jesus offers some food for thought - Jesus has been called on to help Americans

Plenty of reasons to be a Democrat (BARF ALERT!)

Raging Against Self Defense: A Psychiatrist Examines The Anti-Gun Mentality

Reclaiming Male Power In The Viagra Age

Remembrance Archive: Free Republic Threads From 9-11-01

Ritalin: It Just Doesn't ADD up

Saddam's parades of dead babies are exposed as a cynical charade

Seeing is Believing that Miracles Do Happen

Short Photo Sequence of 9-11 Attack, Lest We Forget

Sorry, MMM. You're WRONG!

Survey: Top Cops Don't Mind Concealed Carry Laws


The 10 best and worst things about windows XP

The Bill Clinton Monument Committee

The great Koran con trick

The Last Defender of the American Republic?

The Last Defender of the American Republic? An interview with Gore Vidal

The Link Between Iraq and Al-Qaeda

The Longest Road to Hell

Through the Looking Glass and Back Again - From Anti-gunner to Firearms Instructor in Four Months

WARNING: Gathering WMD storm a crock. See what Clinton told nation in 1998...

Was Ron Brown Assasinated? Take Two....

What did hillary clinton know and when did she know it? And was she part of it?

When the Dungeon Doors Swing Open...

Why White Men Prefer Asian Women