Since Mar 2, 2000

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summer vacation

"THEIR LADY AND ISLAM": Idolatry in action

'10 Commandments revolution' launched

(UN) Resolution to endorse violence [by the palistinians]

***This Guy is EVERYWHERE II -- ADD YOUR OWN!!!!

A Time to Hate Evil


Abu Ala: Not So Moderate

Abu Mazen's Tainted Past of Holocaust Denial

Affluent Egyptians in Cairo Gloat Over Attacks While Eating Big Macs

Aid group shuts down Afghan ops on looting

Al Aqsa leader: Jews have no right to Mount

al qaeda navy

All Your Base Are Belong To Us

American Jewry's Outdated Orthodoxy

Amorous Monkey Business Outrages Town


Anthrax Alarm

Antiglobalism's Jewish Problem

Are The Digits Of Pi Random?

Army reinstates Jewish officer's clearance - link to jihad in america [emerson]

bin Laden treated at US hospital, (Mystery on top of Mystery)NOT a REPOST

Black woman ignores man dying in her windshield

Britain's 'James Bond' Gangsters Worry Police - if guns are illegalized...only criminals will have g

Bush Starts to Lead

Calls begin for war crimes trial for Israelis 4/12/02

Canada Reveals (al Qaeda) 'Sleeper Cell' Contacts (With American A.Q. Cells)

Caption this pic! (Kofi Annan)

Carbon dioxide turned into hydrocarbon fuel

Cashless Society 'Inevitable;' a Boost to Globalist Taxers?

Cell Phone Trace Led to Bomb Suspect

Clarke claims responsibility: Approved post-9-11 flights for bin Laden family

Clinton Admin assisted Al-Queada in Albania

Colorado to 'map' faces of drivers

Congress May Take Action To Save Temple Mount

Consequences of Sino-Russian Alliance Treaty Signing May Be Extremely Grave

Controversial Cleveland Murals Protected (Muslim Paints Hateful Anti-Jew Images Outside Deli)

Copley Square Boston Freep Report

David Schippers Interview, 11/12/01

David Schippers tells Metcalf feds 'ignored' warnings of WTC attacks


DOJ monitoring cable modems w/o warrents

Enlightened’Europe turning even uglier as Jew hatred spirals out of control

Enough is Enough....The UN has got to go.

EU Wants Shared Control of Internet

EVEN ARAFAT'S FED UP that hamas received more Saudi Arabian telethon money.

Exclusive: Liberty attack tapes revealed

Experts Urge Mass Vaccination for Smallpox Attack (Watch Out)

Ezekiel's Wall : prophecy interpretation in today's day

F.B.I.'s Reach Into Records Is Set to Grow(financial records, without a judge's approval)

FBI releases photographs of all 19 hijackers (my title)

First it was Rhodesia

FReep This: David Duke to Speak at Antiwar Rally

French police identify suspect as a Sri Lankan muslim

Gang Steals Millions in Euro Coins

General parades vision of European army...

German military planners mulled single EU army

Germany s Green Party demands a powerful professional army

Giuliani: A Very Personal Price for 9-11

GM Canola Out Of Control Now...And GM Wheat Becoming 'A Weed'


Hamas: We will use Jewish skulls to build a bridge to Heaven

Harvard Biophysicist's Body Found in Mississippi River

Help! I'm Being Probed Repeatedly by a Hacker / Cracker

Hey Gulf Coast FReepers--Party in the Big Easy Again!

Hollywood and Disney Lobbyists attempt to destroy computer owner's rights

How the Secret US-EU-Saudi-Israel Understanding Evolved

HTML Bootcamp (or Wow, how did they do that?)

In AA587 no engine damage evident

Intel To Ship 2nd Itanium Chip To Rising Expectations

IRAQ MOVES TROOPS TOWARD JORDAN, SYRIA - Use of weapons of mass destruction against Israel feared...

Iraq's chemists bought anthrax from America

IRRATIONAL EXUBERANCE (like "All Your Base..."on crack)

irs & offshore banks & credit payments

IRS: You Can Request An Extension Of Time To File Via Phone

Is Michigan a Terror Stronghold?

Islam's Flawed Spokemen

Israel Staging targeted killings in US, other friendly countries

Israel nixes UN's Larsen, Robinson as 'fact-finders' but allows UN to "investigate"

Israel peace-plan from powell april 11th , 2002

Israel says road map goes with Abbas resignation

Israel Vows Harsh Response to Attack - nobody wants hamas fugitives

Israeli Intelligence Agency (Mossad) warned CIA of attacks - CIA did not heed warning

Italy Plane Crash Disputed

Jenin Victims Narrate Israeli Atrocities in Extraordinary Book:(Yeah Right)


Jihad's Fifth Column in the West: If present trends continue...

Jihadis in the Hood: Race, Urban Islam and the War on Terror

Let's Print our Own Money - The Liberty Dollar - It's Legal Tender!

Mass grave holds victims of Saddam's last purge (MUST READ)

McVeigh's Ghost - Top Pentagon Officials Say Iraq Involved in OKC Bombing

Miami man hospitalized with Anthrax

microshaft & zlib bugs

Militant Says U.S. Prime Revenge Target : al-aksa revenge for USA

Moslem Construction Work Damages Temple Wall and El Aksa

Muslim-American Activism

My Meeting with Dan Rather

Mystery blood clots felling U.S. troops


Nanotechnology Threatens America

New Music Video: "Kill Jewish Settlers"

North Korean nuke program during iraq war II

On Neo-Cons, Israel, and the Two Parties: Interview Daniel Pipes

Palestinians boycott US and UK products (Boycott soft drinks, set fire to their American cars)

Panel Finds No Evidence to Tie Autism to Vaccines

PayPal Tightens Transaction Reins

Pentagon to Abandon Two-War Strategy (Absolute Insanity! If We Face China&Gulf War We Are Screwed!

PHOTOS: This weeks photos from KABUL (torching the US Embassy)

Pinko alert: "Beat Back the Bush" organization

Plan for UN to run internet 'will be shelved' (but now on international agenda)

President Jiang: China Supports Palestinian, Arab Cause

Prosperous EU conveniently forgetting its debt to America

PROUD OF MY SON: Mahmoud Hamdan Kwasma, the Haifa bomber (Allah predicted 9/11 1400 years ago)

Putin: NATO Should Be Replaced


Refuting Darwinism, point by point

Report links Real IRA to bin Laden

Rice blocked plan for raids on Syria

Robot with living brain created in US

Russia Becomes Biggest Oil Producer

Russia offers new radio frequency weapons

Russia to the rescue: Moscow says Europe should turn eastward for security help

Russia's Bargain Supercomputer (Capable 1 Trillion CPS Can Design Nukes-- As USA Desarms Nukes)

Russian Defector Warns US against Planned Unilateral Disarmament Measures

Scientists kill mice with dance music

Senate OK's FBI Net Spying (Goodbye 4th Amendment)

SHADES OF MEXICO. Demographic terrorism in CALIFORNIA

Six killed, 160 wounded in Jerusalem bombing

Soros blames U.S., Israel for anti-Semitism

Southerner's Horoscope

Soy-Based Auto Fuel Shows Promise

Stay healthy with the toilet 'doctor' (Monitoring your pee automatically -- my title)

Taking the High Grounds -- The Story of Coffee

Temple Mount Support Petition

Terror Flight School Owner in Business with White Water Scandal 'Key Figure'

The bad guys to the rescue


The Communist Threat

The Crusades in the Checkout Aisle

The Dismantling of America - the Phony War in Afghanistan

The Enemy Withinv - Atta's nationality

The face of Islam (PHOTOS)

The Gov knows who the terrorists are- need's fomatting

The Jews Took No One's Land

The Jordan-Egypt plan

The Man Who Predicted The Race Riots

The Media s Occupation Myth

The Next Tech Superpower (China)

The Picture That Moved Hearts

Times Columnist Receives Suspicious Envelope

Turkey reels, hurdles loom for EU bid, Iraq attack

Tyson Foods announces takeover of IBP - Don Tyson controls U.S. meat supply

U.N.U. calls for global governance

U.S. Communists to support Dems. -- 'united front' in No. 1 priority of beating Bush

U.S. to get tougher with Israel?

UCLA Team Maps How Genes Affect Brain Structure, Intelligence

UN admits it had tape all along

UN Complicity in Kidnapping of Israeli Soldiers (My Title)

UN leaders draw up secret blueprint for postwar Iraq

Unclaimed Property Assets...How to find if you're on the list.

UNIFIL accused of role in soldiers' kidnapping

US ATTACKS: PHOTOS Photos as they come

US Request Let bin Laden Escape Says Top Afghan Commander

Video of Palestinian terrorists hiding in UN ambulances

Washington tried to cover up IRA plot

Who created the United Nations?

Who Funded the Michigan Hate-Fest?

Why the suicide killers chose September 11

World's first filling station for hydrogen-powered vehicles opens in Iceland


Zimbabwe -- Middle class hunter-gatherers