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'Paris Syndrome' leaves Japanese tourists in shock

(reprise) DFU SONG: Werewolves of London (yes, of course...Muslims in London)

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1.Mitt Romney's Conversion:His pro-life turn is more recent than you think.

20th Century Climate Not So Hot

50 PLACES TO VISIT BEFORE YOU DIE (not one in Britain)

A growing Hispanic vote still favors GOP - FLORIDA

A Party Girl Leads China's Online Revolution

AAA -- Cardinal Dulles on Communion and Pro-Abortion Politicians

African Tribe Worships Salma Hayek's Breasts! (The Headline I've Waited All My Life For...)

America's Most Dangerous Gang

Anti- Opus Dei/Sam Brownback hit piece

AP captures Hezbollah setting up Photo Shoot for Reuters [Staging the Fauxtos]


Barbarians of suburbs target French Jews

Bush Daughters Visit Wounded

Calif. Bishop To Gov. Davis: Pick Abortion Or Communion [formal excommunication?]

Catholic bishop, priest arrested (Red China)

CHINA - Party’s secret directives on how to eradicate religion and ensure the victory of atheism

China Devours Its Children - Massacre in Peking

Church destroyed in Fujian, another to follow shortly

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Cost of health initiative up $400m (MA - Romney - care)

Danger from phthalatesomething

Deal Hudson: Why I Don't Trust Mitt Romney

Down Syndrome and the Pressure to Abort

Flip Flop Romney: To Trust Or Not To Trust...(Part 2)

Free "Free Republic" Fantasy Baseball at Yahoo!

FReeper Photo Album

FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE (3 stunners who will help male Wimbledon fans get over Kournikova no-show)

Gang expert backs Tancredo charges

Grandfather Twilight endorses Dennis Kucinich for President

Hawaiian Tropic Zone (Y'All Think Hooters Is Hot? Wait Til You See These Waitress Babes Alert)

Holy Schwartz!!! Yogurt to return with SPACEBALLS 2?!?

How To Wipe Your Hard Drive

Incan Counting System Decoded?

India, China account for only 1.6 % of jobs from US firms

Islam For Dhimmies - How To Protect Oneself From Restrooms

Join the New FReeper Web Ring!

Junk Science: Light Bulb Lunacy

Kerry pictures to share with friends (and enemies)

Making Mitt Romney: How to fabricate a conservative

Mitt Romney Flip Flops

Mitt Romney: Champion of Big Government

Mormonism Didn't Sink Romney

Myth: NAFTA was a failure for the U.S.

N. Korean Underground Church (BBC world, Video)

Naked-marriage-sex ban (Those wacky, wacky Imams...

New China Documentary Defends 1989 Massacre

New pope defied Nazis as teen during WWII

New Vietnamese Ordinance on Religions does not provide freedom, says Archbishop of Huê

Oldest writing in the New World discovered (hilarious)

Oscar-Worthy Performance-Mitt Romney has Hollywood in his future, not Washington.

Out of bounds! Romney overstates efforts on illegal immigrants

Palestinians stunned by collapse of Saddam's regime

Pinup girl wants back into U.S. (performed at the Democratic National Convention in 2004)

Pope tells Rabbi of Church's love for Jews

Pro-life pro baseball players organize

Quotes from Iraqi Information Minister Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf

Quynh Dao: Vietnam protesters fall silent - (Hooah! Chalk up one commentary for the good guys!)

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Romney symptomatic of Republican problems

Romney the hunter: a total of 2 trips

Romney vs. Romney (are you sure this guy is a Republican?)

Russian Cossacks ride for country again: Once called the last knights in Europe

SAT Essay Test Rewards Length and Ignores Errors

Senator Edwards...Cameo Shot

Serial No. 3817131 (A photographic essay of women in the IDF)

Six Big Lies About John McCain

Straight Answers to Fox’s 21 Questions about the Mormon Church

Straight Answers to Fox’s 21 Questions about the Mormon Church

Tancredo: MLB Is not China’s Designated Hitter

The Awesome Pro-Life Leadership of Many US (Catholic) Bishops

The Best Quotes From South Park

The Home Stretch: The Smart Money Is On Mitt

The lost Jews [Brazil]

The Pentagon's New Map

The Trouble With Mitt (his extensive support of "gay rights")

This Is Your Brain On Islam [MUST-SEE!]

Treasure Hunt (The Book of Lost Books)

U.S. Priests and seminarians survey: more vocations in orthodox dioceses

US Catholic Politicians Confused About Faith, Bishop Says

US Mil Deaths Down in July vs Previous Months

Vatican condems Chinese Arrests

VIDEO: John Edwards attends to his hair (HAHAHAHAH)

Vikings In South America?

Warrior Princesses! (Photos of adorable Israeli soldiers)

Why I'll Vote FOR The Marriage Amendment


Zogby Poll on Abortion in America -- 2004 America is ProLife