Since Aug 21, 2000

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Early mid late 60's. ( Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I'm sixty four? ) Seventh decade underway, three quarters of a century just achieved! Now sneaking up on eighty! Full time Realtor; part time bartender up until a dozen years ago. Small time landlord. Quit smoking in 1971.

U.S Navy, 1961-1964, deck Seaman, enlisted after high school for a "kiddie cruise". My "war" was the Cuban Missile Crisis; my ship was tasked with evacuating military dependents and civvy contractors from GTMO. Married to a beloved Liberal since 1973; two adult sons, grandson born March '07. Presented with a beautiful granddaughter 1/28/09 (eight days after the race card expired). District official for county board of elections (a fancy way of saying "board worker"). Run for fitness; pick-up basketball a couple of times a week (prefer full court run n' gun with the "youts", and those 40 year old kids are killin' me!). Used to run recreational races, mile to marathon; career peaked with a 2:48:45 Jersey Shore Marathon in November '82 and a 2:56:57 Boston Marathon in '83. Choir member, so-so baritone; sometimes singer at Irish sessions at our local pub. Frequent contributor to letters to the editor. Update 9/12: they must have changed editorial page staff, as my last 6 submissions have not even been acknowledged let alone published. They always used to call to confirm that I sent it, and tell me it may be published. Update: They ignored a few, then printed one last Sunday (1/20/19) titled "Democrats oppose wall only to deny Trump a victory".

Heart attack survivor end of June 2011, stented, finished cardiac rehab and back to playing B'ball. Update: My cardiologist ordered me to have a follow-up stress test in May '17. The display showed an anomaly, so he recommended a catheterization procedure in July. The stent was blocked and other blockage was found and fixed. God has been better to me than I deserve. If you have not done so, HAVE A STRESS TEST. I had no symptoms like weakness or shortness of breath, playing ball 2-4 times a week and running a bit. Could'a dropped dead.

Update as of 12/31/18: I actually DID drop dead, playing b'ball the Sunday after Thanksgiving this year. Collapsed on the court, no pulse or respiration (they tell me). I was wearing a monitor at the time, a data-gathering follow-up on the prior problems. I was revived by the first aid squad's defib and kept in a coma for several days (they tell me). I then had a pacemaker/defib device installed, which appears to be working well. No ball until early March, per the doc. Not supposed to drive, either; that's the most stressful part! Again, God has been better to me than I deserve!

More of God's grace and great medical attention; had a stroke at home on New Year's Eve 2019. Back about 98% within a couple of weeks, only some numb feeling in the left hand remains. Back to ball playing.

COVID-19 survivors; she and I got it in November '20 and recovered. Treated it like a bad flu,sick a week.

By my estimation Mrs. JimRed and I stand about a 25% chance of losing one of our sons in the next Islamic bio/chem/nuke attack. Our older son is a union carpenter and commutes to Manhattan (previously worked on the WTC memorial); our younger son is an architect, married to a lawyer, (gave us another grandson) living and working in DC. Their home is within the crater that will be caused by the Iranian nuke in the basement of the big mosque a few blocks away.

I can live without the death penalty, provided the alternative makes the criminal WISH for death.

My "rock in the Aleutians solution" applies to career and violent criminals, drug lords and dealers as well as child abusers. In other words, anyone deserving of death. Dump 'em on a barren rock out there with a knife and a blanket. The strongest will quickly kill the weaker ones to steal their knives and blankets, and probably cannibalize their remains; the few who survive will wish that the libs hadn't managed to spare them their execution.

And when the sure-to-come Liberal "rescue missions" happen, the rescuees will turn upon their rescuers and kill them!

TERM LIMITS, NOW! Two five year terms in the senate, two three year terms in the house.

ALL POLITICAL DONATIONS MUST BE ANONYMOUS! Can't sell influence when you don't know who's buying.


Anyone who can not be trusted to be armed should not be running around loose.

Compromising with bad policy is like adding a little sewage to your drinking water.

U.N. out of U.S.; U.S. out of U.N., NOW!

John Kerry and Nancy Pelosi (treason) belong(ed) in prison, not in the U.S. Congress or as SOS!

Ted Kennedy (D-HELL) should have been there alongside them.