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'We're pinned down:' 4 U.S. Marines die in Afghan ambush

Abu Abdullah Rashid al-Baghdadi, former Republican Guard, leader al Qaeda's umbrella Shura Council

Anthrax mailings : intelligence experts say Iraq is behind / MSM didn't report

Best scam ever

C-SPAN Rewind: Gore Blasts Bush Father for Ignoring Iraq Terror Ties (DRUDGE TITLE)

Chilling Confirmation - Yes, Saddam Hussein was an Islamofascist threat.


Evidence of Iraq/Terrorism Connection?

EXPLODED: 22 Myths About the War on Terror that Osama bin Laden Hopes You'll Believe

Freeper Memorial Wall.

Gates says Obama is reviewing war report

General Giap's Book Regarding Kerry

Good link to news sources

Ha Ha

Hide in Plane Sight (Authorities fear Boeing 727 stolen in Angola may be used in terrorism) A

Hillary Clinton- archives, comments, and opposition research

Hurricane Preparedness ( and general "bad times" links ) various FR links & stories

Irrational Liberals Kirsten (spelling) Kristen Powers from FOX News (Vanity)

It's not just the economy, the borders, the mandates, election fraud, or dementia. It's EVERYTHING. Refuse to Comply With Tyranny, Or Die -These are our choices

It's open ZOT Friday: You people are [expletive deleted] pathetic.

Kerry Met With Viet Cong And North Vietnamese In Paris In 1971

Las vegas shooting thread locked. Weird.

link to saddam & al qaeda

My theme song.

North Korean Missile Warhead Found in Alaska

Pookie's Toons? (LIVE THREAD! The martyrdom saga continues.)

Quotes and Facts on Iraq (Statements they try to forget, but won’t be forgotten)

Safari issues and fixes

Small explosive device thrown at military recruitment office in Times Square, Manhattan

UN inspectors: Saddam shipped out WMD before war and after


What screenname does Zawahiri use while surfing FR?

Why gun owners are running scared [while their wives visit male strippers]

WSJ: Saddam-terrorist connections get no media coverage