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A Contrast Between Mohammed and Christ

America's New-Found "Religion" (a caring God who simply panders to our wants and whims)

CAPITALISM AT ITS FINEST... A Modest Proposal for Citizen's War

Carping About "The Name of Jesus"

Confessions of a Reactionary Utopian

Early Bibles and the History of the Waldenses and John Calvin

Eternal Security

For many on Sept. 11, survival was no accident

Foreknowledge and Predestination

Foreknowledge and Predestination

Foreknowledge and Predestination THREAD 2

Founders Conference

FreeDominion Canada's version of FreeRepublic

Get Rid of Popups

Good Evening, Folks. As a good Christian, I'm here to blow your head off. (Response to DoughtyOne)

Gun Owners Who Truly Believe the Power of Weapons Express Themselves

Have some time? Learn to Fly the B-24 Liberator

Hope To See You Soon: Gun Control Activism from a Crook's Perspective

How Shall We Then Kill? ("Good Evening, DoughtyOne" Response thread #2)

Jimmy's flag

NO KING BUT JESUS: Romans 13 and the Perfect Law of Liberty

No King but Jesus: A Theonomic Exposition of Romans 13 (Thread 2)

On Calvinism (Excerpt from Introductory Essay to Owen's The Death of Death in the Death of Christ)

Perfection In Faith


PROGRESSIVE CALVINISM: "The Powers That Be Are Ordained Of God"

PROGRESSIVE CALVINISM: On the Peerless Mosaic Law (and the Foolishness of the Greek philosophers)

PROGRESSIVE CALVINISM: One of the Dead and Inert Ideas in Calvinism, Namely, "Loving One's Neighbor"

Redneck Haiku

Revisionist History

Sovereign Grace

Stories Of Guns Saving Lives Are Too Few And Far Between "If Guns Save Lives, Please Fill Me In"

Ten Good Reasons To Ban Guns

The 50 Worst Books of the [20th] Century

The American Colonist's Library--A Treasury of Primary Documents

The Declaration at Barmen

The Root of America -- The Tree of Liberty is watered with the blood of Calvinists

Total Hereditary Depravity - Continuation Thread

Total Hereditary Depravity - Thread III

Total Hereditary Depravity - Thread IV

Total Hereditary Depravity - Thread V

Total Hereditary Depravity - Thread VI

Total Hereditary Depravity - Thread VII

Total Hereditary Depravity - Why it is the Real Battle

Tragic Accidents Plague Family, Handgun

World War II Poster Collection - (Selected)