Jeff Head
Since Jul 26, 1998

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0. The Rising Sea Dragon in Asia

1 - The Dragon's Fury Series of Novels

2 - The Stand at Klamath Falls

3. - Winning Iraqi Freedom

4 - Attack on America Memorial Site

5. 2001 FreeRepublic Eagle Award Winners

6. WTC Flag Raising Petition Breaks 300,000 Signatures!

7. WTC Flag Raising Petition Breaks 400,000 Signatures!

8. My Tribute to Ronald Reagan

A Modern American Declaration of Liberty

A Red Blooded American "Apology" to the Red Chinese

Becoming American; Elian Gonzalez and my journey to Freedom.

Citizen's Proclamation on the use of Force in Defense of Liberty

Dragons Fury Series written up in Shotgun News


Eyewitness to "The Stand at Klamath Falls" (II)

Eyewitness to "The Stand At Klamath Falls" - Week Two (Thread II - Updated)

How Tyranny came to America

Jeff Head hits another Home Run! (Review of Dragon's Fury - Volume III, High Tide)

Killers Without Conscience

Klamath Basin Crisis - The Tide Turns

Las Naranjas de Joaquin Molina.

Liberty, It's Communicable - Spread It!

Morality and Unalienable Rights

Petition: Depict the WTC Flag Raising as it actually occurred!

So You Want To Buy A Gun

Sundown At Coffin Rock

The Crisis and Mortal Threat to American Liberty

The Day I Was Shot

There Stood Patriots

Today's Free Trade is not about the Free Market

Warp Drive - Underwater ( supercavitating weapons)

What I Have Learned From The Twentieth Century

When Truth Becomes Treason

Where Never Lark Or Even Eagle Flew