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"Dedicate the struggle to Christ" -Bishop of Canterbury's Easter 1944 address to Brit forces

40 Reasons For Gun Control

A Nation of Cowards

Afghanistan -- an Evangelical No-Go Area

Afghanistan, on 50 Websites a Day

Ammo Types

At Muslim Prom, It's a Girls-Only Night Out

Beauty Pageants Can Be Murder (An Ann Coulter Religion Of Peace Classic)

Berlusconi Comments Cause Stir -- (A MUST READ)

Bush Nominates Daniel Pipes ***Moderate Muslims Welcome the Appointment***

Center of Peace and Hope in Christ for Afghanistan Issues Challnge to Moderate Muslims

Christian Groups Shut Down - Afghanistan

Dangerous Faith: The Threat of Radical Islam in Prisons

Daring leaps of faith

Democracy According to Islam

Democrat Party - add your motto here ***THREAD THREE***

Do-it-yourself Internet anonymity...Tired of Being Spied On?

Europe's hypocrisy (written by an Indian Hindu columnist)

Holy war and the professors: distortion of jihad by scholars has far-reaching consequence

Islam and Democracy: The Impossible Union

Islam's consistency with democracy

Islam, a Religion of Peace®? Some links...

Islam: A Defective Civilization?

Islamist hide-outs in Virginia


Let's Not Make Room For Islam In The Judeo-Christian Tradition

Muslim Students Weigh Questions Of Allegiance

Muslims must disavow Osama's message

New Democrat Party Mottos ***THREAD FOUR*** Al Qaeda Registered Democrats

Normalizing Islam in America

OP-ED: Europe through American eyes —Hans Bergström

Open Column - Misguided pacifism paves the way for tyranny

Pics of DC rally at VP house 12/9/00

Prophet of Terror and the Religion of Peace--Part I

PROPHET OR RACIST? Islam watcher Daniel Pipes (Pipes Vs Cair)

Radical New Views of Islam and the Origins of the Koran

Rational Thinking about Islam by an Ex-Believer

Readers of right-wing web site threaten Muslims ***CAIR ALERT***

Republics and Democracies

Robert E. Lee's Civil War

Sniper at Kandahar

Some Christians Feel Called to Convert Muslims, Despite the Taliban's Threats

The anti-Yanks are all talk, no action (Steyn)

The boy who cried 'muslim'

The Crusades in the Checkout Aisle: CRUSADES NONSENSE FROM U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT

The FREEPERS Guide To Islamic Terror Websites - CYBERTERRORISM (And It's Sponsors)

The great Koran con trick

Two Cheers for Colonialism - Dinesh D'Souza

What is the best book on President Ronald W. Reagan to use to teach my kids


Why the Heroes Died