Jack Deth
Since Sep 17, 2004

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Born 06/29/54. Native Marylander.

Grew up in the Langley Theater in Adelphi.Voted for Nixon at age 18. Through Absentee Ballot. Solid Republican ever since.

Life Time NRA Member. Active Air Force, 1972-1976. AF Reserves to Present.

Film buff. Enjoy Noir, older Black & White and the films of the 1970s. Also photography, Ross Thomas, Tom Wolfe, P.J. O'Rourke, Andrew Vacchs, Joe Gores and Raymond Chandler. Competition Shooting, Trap and Skeet.

Poetry Ping List:

TASMANIANRED; MS.BEHAVIN; MEG33; LUV W; Lady Jag; EsmeraldaA; Kitty MIttens; AZamericonnie; laurenmarlowe; trussell; GodBlessUSA; Kittycatonline.com; HopeandGlory; Biggirl; KosmicKitty; 4mycountry; Bunny Slippers; Landry Fan; dixie sass; gretchen15; GretchenM; 4catsinmaryland; Gabz; kitkat; Jhohanna; Bahbah; Just Amy; Mama_Bear; Kathy In Alaska; DollyCali; bentfeather; Brad's Gramma; Mrs. Nooseman; MeekMom; MeekOne GOP; lysie; Purple Mountains Maj; girlscout; Spanaway Lori; Just Lori; Kitten Festival; MountainFlower; Tarheel; ConorMacNessa; NicknamedBob; beckysueb; onyx; jaycee; Slings And Arrows; Allegra; LongElegantLegs; Alamo-Girl; ChurchillSpirit; Raffus; MotleyGirl 70; tuliptree76; NautiNurse; Xenalyte;