Since Sep 20, 2002

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A repatriated Texan and USMC Vietnam War Veteran, retired Airline Transport Pilot. Delegate to the Texas GOP Convention in 2000. Semper Fi, Mac.

Descendant of Captain Benjamin Merrill of the North Carolina Militia in the 1760's-1770's who was a North Carolina Regulator(An opponent of the Crown's taxation policies which were "excessive and oppressive."). Captain Merrill was executed by Crown Loyalists for his actions associated with the Battle of Alamance in 1771, his sentence being "hanged by the neck; that you be cut down while yet alive, that your Bowels be taken out and burnt before your Face, that your head be cut off, your Body divided into Four Quarters, and this to be at his Majesty's Disposal; and the Lord have Mercy on your Soul(Colonial Records)." There are memorial markers to Captain Merrill in Lexington and Hillsborough, NC.

Descendant of soldiers and cavalrymen of the CSA: Paternal Great-Grandfather was a sergeant in the 11th Texas Cavalry(Yes, I have a copy of his pension application and a copy of a lengthy letter he wrote mentioning his post-war travel from South Carolina back to Texas.); Maternal Great-Grandfather was in the 44th Alabama Infantry Regiment, Evander Law's Brigade(I have a copy of his pension application.). Both had several brothers(Great Uncles) who served, one of whom was in Richard Waterhouse's Texas infantry unit.

To paraphrase General Patton, and having read this, you know how I feel.