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Affimative apostasy?

Al Sharpton Wants to be President, Lost 30 lbs.

ALEXANDRIA, Va. Lawyer appointed for suspected of terrorist recused

Bankruptcy filings set quarterly record

BUSH HITS A HOME RUN IN ZEPHYR FIELD.....(Irma has the stats)

Bush Must Endorse English Immersion for Hispanic Children

Bush To Argue FOR Racial Preferences Before The Supreme Court

Bush to Invoke Executive Privilege

Campaign finance reform puts Gephardt on hot seat

Can't Find It? The update to information for freepers

Chandra Levy mystery: A timeline

Comp the Candidate Brick by Brick

Created equal: Alan Keyes examines pending affirmative-action case

Culture Crash: A conversation with William Langewiesche, the author of "The Crash of EgyptAir 990,"

Daschle Blasts Bush Nominee's Record

DoD News Briefing - Secretary Rumsfeld and Gen. Myers

Events-driven Moderator activities - another look at guidelines (#2)

Exclusive: A Pardon Overheard

First Quayle,Now Bush

Free Republic Supported HTML Tags and Attributes

Guess Who Else Donated to the Dems? [My title]

HAL9000 - Links to news sources


Hijacking expert hiding in Iran (Mughniyeh likely mastermind)

Hillary Accepts Contributions from Boston Area Muslim Terrorist Supporters

House to consider controversial land Acquisiton bill

How come the English-first folks never complain about the Cajuns? (mon title)

How Dick Cheney Is Like Dan Quayle

How to market a personal web site???

Iceberg ahead! Hugh Hewitt warns Bush on affirmative-action case

Is 'Waly Samar' the mastermind behind the Anthrax mailings?

Jackson Donor/Terror Money Laundering Suspect Jailed For Misleading Court [mine]

Judicial Nomination Biographies

Judicial Watch Files House Ethics Complaint Against Congressman Gary Condit

Judicial Watch Ready To [Legally] Assist Victims (Of Terrorist Attacks)

Keyes and Krew: my growing, nagging concern

Landmark Legal vs. NEA {political fraud and corruption}

Lead Impeachment Prosecutor to Work with Judicial Watch**Schippers v Peter Paul


Man Arrested For Hitting Girlfriend With Fish

Marxist thuggery on the net (

OKLAHOMA BOMBING LINKED TO BIN LADEN (Captured Chemical Notes Say in Bosnian ‘Was used in Oklahoma’)

Osama Bin Laden a Biography

Patriotic Drawings

Power Tools for News Junkies

PRAYER REQUEST - (FReeper deport)

Push 'em Back! Push 'em Back! Push 'em Waaaaaaaay Back!

Quayle's departure; Irma's Contributions to FR

REV JESSE KNOWS WHAT? Kevin Ingram Pal Questioned About bin Laden

Roger Clinton's Dogged Effort for Drug Trafficker

Senate Quickly Passes Immigrant Worker Bill Before Mexican President Ends State Visit

Senate sent for bankruptcy bill vote

Statement By The President At Camp Bondsteel, Kosovo

Stem Cell Science and the Preservation of Life

Students run into 'top 10 percent law'

The Lott-Daschle deal

The Man I Should Have Been

THE VISIBLE HAND: The Iraqi Connection

THE WORLD TRADE CENTER BOMB - Who Is Ramzi Yousef? And Why It Matters

Transcript of Remarks by the President to the American Legion

US to take affirmative-action stand: Conservatives fear Bush will back racial preference

We Made Contact .... ?

White House Defends Racial Preferences

White House Says the U.S. Is Not a Loner, Just Choosy

White House will defend federal affirmative action

Why do posts disappear from the sidebars?

You Worry Me