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Rush Limbaugh October 24, 2008:
"The minute you say that conservatism includes people who are pro-choice, you've destroyed conservatism because conservatism stands for "life, liberty, pursuit of happiness." Without life, there is nothing else here, and if we're going to sit around indiscriminately deciding who lives and who dies based on our own convenience, that's not conservative. Individual liberty. The essence of innocence is a child in the womb who has no choice over what happens to it. Sorry. If we don't stand up for that person, if the government doesn't, then nobody will. And if we allow ourselves to get watered down by a bunch of people who are embarrassed over that position, they're not conservatives."

Mariannette Miller-Meeks at the Iowa State Fair

GOP Litmus test
1. Support for smaller government and lower taxes
2. Support troop surges in Iraq and Afghanistan
3. Support Defense of Marriage Act
4. Support containing Iran and North Korea
5. Support gun rights
6. Oppose ObamaCare
7. Oppose cap-and-trade legislation
8. Oppose “amnesty” for illegals
9. Oppose union card check
10.Oppose government-funded abortion

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Governor Terry Branstad, Fred Thompson, Governor Bob Ray

Save the Delta Queen

(video)DELTA QUEEN and AMERICAN QUEEN pass on 14 July 2008

Delta Queen history

Full text of Governor Sarah Palin’s Indianola, Iowa speech on September 3rd, 2011

Video of Sarah Palin in Indianola, Iowa September 3, 2011

Video at The Machine Shed in Des Moines September 2, 2011, Peter Singleton speech at 05:43