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Climate change 'is the norm'

Any advice on buying a bigscreen TV?

Are you going to watch the Election Returns? Here's what to watch for:

Bad Lands, Bad VotesPutting Tim Johnson over the top, by any means necessary.

Breakdown of Voting Patterns by State

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Current Party Control (By State)

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Fry the French (FYI: Product/Service List to Boycott)**

HTML Bootcamp

Hybrids Causing Traffic Jams (As Hybrid Cars Multiply, So Do Carpooling Gripes)

Kerry advisor says bunny suit photo is a Repub. "dirty trick"

Key Bush strategist expects a victory, but not a landslide

My Complain to Zogby, his response and my rebuttal

Nice Work If You Can Get It (Remember the elevator operator? Jobs become extinct)

Obama CANNOT be the "First African-American Male Elected to the Senate"

Plasma or LCD? Price trends? New technology?

Senate Outlook, 2004 Elections

Spectacular planet show promised

The Boycott of French Products Continues

Vanity: How Does One Get Rid of Those Annoying Pop-Up Ads?