Since Apr 3, 1998

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Lifetime Republican. Dad and Grand dad also lifetime Republicans. Mom's parents were for some Democrats. Wife is also Republican with her parents. Like keeping up with politics and computer chip advances.

I do feel the minimum wage should be raised to at least $12.00 / hour (for 21 year old's) but not much more if any more. Adults forced to work for near minimum wage end up getting huge government paid entitlements like food stamps, health care, income tax "rebates" (welfare payments) etc. Many of these workers have college degrees and have done all they are capable of to improve themselves but there are fewer and fewer good paying jobs. My real problem is we all pay taxes that pay benefits to these hard working underpaid people. Look at it this way. WalMart pays it's employees $7.50 / hour. The government then pays most over 21, through entitlements, $4.00 / hour. Much of this money comes from employers that pay their employees more than $12.50 per hour. Why should your boss take money from your paycheck so WalMart Employees can be subsidized and demeaned by the government. A low minimum wage is a tax on all employers that pay a decent wage. It makes an ever increasing percentage of Americans Welfare Recipients making their lives somewhat hopeless and far more likely to register DNC. I would say it is most likely that 75% of Americans receive more from Government than they pay

including FICA. Our economy is becoming a service based economy as it does so more and more will be near minimum wage and they many not vote for GOP as long as the GOP repress minimum wage or at least not vote for them often enough to raise it. I worry that we lost control of Congress by people voting for the DNC to raise the minimum wage. Seems they do this consistently. It is insane that we select our Nominee the way we do. We really need a run off so the best candidate is selected not the one who happens to have the largest minority of support. We have to get rid of winner take all and really should have causes/elections early in all States (say January - March) followed by runoffs latter in all States of only the top two or three candidates require a minimum 20-30% to go forward(say April through June). A lottery should determine who goes first States should be able to ask for a month if they desire.

Now contract with America was a great idea. We need to repeat it. McCain should lead the effort as if focused mostly on smaller government which he supports. Sarah should concentrate on returning GOP to leadership in the House and Senate. I believe she could raise a lot of money for their races but only good people. Some need to change or lose office. I have no respect for crooks who enrich themselves through office like Denny Hassert the crook who funded a highway right into his wife's $5,000,000 bank account.

I also believe Microsoft should be punished big time by the government for stifling innovation and forcing VISTA (ME2 Crap) on us. Without them we would be far better off. We would even be better of if we could still buy a computer with XP on it. I believe Apple does not know how to compete, however Vista is so bad even they are doing better. I really need to learn Linix. I will never switch to VISTA. Firefox is far better than IE or Google.