Since Mar 12, 2003

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We can sit idly by, taking the path of least resistance, or we can work patiently, consistently, looking for every opportunity to plant seeds of truth that may take root in fertile soil. Conservatives are optimistic. We may not always see the fruits of our labor, but often we do. Where we cannot, we rely on our faith. Conservatism is a celebration of what is good in God's creation. It asks of man that he strive to always do better, by his faith, his family, his community and his nation. It insists that we take the initiative ourselves, utilizing our ingenuity and our energy, but more importantly trusting in God and not ourselves.

The country in which we live is unique in human history. Our calling is to preserve and build on this legacy if possible. Our greater calling, however, transcends politics and nations and is to follow the great commission.