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Human medicine, human life.
Crack the egg of a bird on the Endangered Species list and you'll find that it doesn't matter that the bird embryo or fetus can't survive outside the egg. You've still broken the Endangered Species Act.

Consistently Pro-life Family Dr.

For more information, see

4 Levels of Happiness by Dr. Robert Spitzer

This information on the move by the Texas Medical Association toward eugenics and utilitarian politics of power, rather than justice and mercy:

Libertarians for Life, Libertarians for Life

Feminists for Life http://www.feministsforlife.org/index.htm

And everything you ever wanted to know about when human life begins at When do human beings begin? "Scientific" Myths and Scientific Facts

For information on the intimate association between eugenics, the scientific establishment, and bioethics, take a look at these:

What is Bioethics by Dianne N. Irving, MA, PhD

The Human Life Review

See the archives for incredible articles, especially "What's Wrong With Science?" by Mary Meehan and "The Evolution of Genocide" by Rebecca Messall. The information about the correlation between abortion, eugenics and the teaching of science without a Creator is invaluable.

Here's an article on Feminists For Life with real stories about women who became pregnant after rape

Feminists for Life http://www.feministsforlife.org/index.htm