Since Sep 2, 2005

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23 1/2 year retired AF SMSgt. Retired the first time after Bush took office but received a Clinton retirement certificate :(. Spent a second out of retirement stint when the AF instituted a Volunteer Retired Enlisted Active Duty recall because of 9/11. After 2nd retirement, spent 9 years with Lockheed Martin working in the SIM labs for the JSF and then with LSI group for the AFDCGS supporting drone and other A/C distribution of intelligence data.

I wonder why the government does not use root cause analysis to solve problems. Oh that’s right, most of them have never heard of this and don’t understand it. Beside, it would hurt their cause and reelection.

If you berate others when you use this forum, you need to find another one. Consider that the discussion you are having is with someone sitting across from you. Be civil.