Since Sep 30, 2004

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Former Marine - Viet Nam, Semper Fi then the Air National Guard and of course, a Life Long Conservative ————— I've been on FReepers since 2001 but lost my password when my computer died. I believe that relativistic humanism and political correctness are just a few of the tools of the Dark Side. I believe that the days of the conservative voice in America are numbered. However, I will fight to my last breath, for the cause of conservatism by all legal means possible. I also believe that Jesus is the Son of God and My Personal Lord and Savior. John 3:16

Three Children, 8 Grandchildren, Masters Degree’s in Business and Counseling Psychology (retired clinician) = I also believe that the NWO is real and that just about every human institution of worth has been infiltrated. Its obvious that even the "right" has been infected.