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Tides Foundation & Tides Center(Outing the BIG Money in the Radical Left)

"I'M ASHAMED OF THIS" Interview with a 'copter Wildfire Fighter.

'Baghdad' Jim McDermott Took Cash from Saddam Ally/Weekly Standard Article

'Unilateralism, My Ass!'

'Wahhabi Lobby' Takes the Offensive

'Why We Fight America' The Entire Earth Must Be Subjected to Islam

5,000 Freepers who care are needed now!

A Burning Desire, A Critique of the Sierra Club Public Lands Fire Management Policy (1999)

A Careful Deconstruction of Senator Murray's Views

A cold shower (Thomas Sowell)

A Few of FR's Finest....Every Day 08-29-02

A Few Thoughts on Anti-Americanism

A Full Deck: The Democrats are aces at playing the race card

A little history of use of Anthrax as a weapon even in the USA in WWI

A Little Secret About the Nazis (They were left-wing socialists like the modern left of today)

A Primer on Cloture re Filibusters in Senate

A thread to help Episcopalians in this time of crisis and attack by homosexuals.


al Qaeda Time Line from 1989 to present

Al Qaeda's Wet Dream - One Term

American Fascism


Anti-War Follies

Anti-War protest funding: We have the ANSWER

Arab Chemical Warfare on Jews – 1944

Arctic oil: Facts versus Fiction (ANWR)

Are 'Police State' Theorists Just Drama Queens?

Are you a Democrat? Take this test and find out!

Avoid media stew of malice (The war is going very well)

Be Glad that you don't live in California.(Most OUTSTANDING article!)

Berlin’s New Anti-American Axis -- Lead by East German Joschka Fischer ... [Must Read This! ]

BIG GREEN : Inside the Nature Conservancy Nonprofit Land Bank Amasses Billions

Bill Clinton's legacy: Today's terrifying world of terror

Billions lost with loopholes in the Oil-for-Food programme

Book: Carter, Democrats Asked Soviets to Stop Reagan, Sway U.S. Elections

Bush Did It!

Bush leadership vindicated: PM

Bush Policies Prompt Aides to Leave (Extreme Whine Alert)

Bush won't flinch (Protesters hate president more than war)

Bush, Daschle Spar over Homeland Security Agency (Bush want freedom to fire government employees )

By George: The Democratic party is now brought to you by super-investors

Calling Joe Wilson

Can't buy him love

Carter gets his prize and N. Korea develops nukes

Carter s Arab Ties May Color Israel Stance

Carter: Cuba Terror Claims False

Chainsaw Tom [Daschle]

Chavez bio-weapons lab in Venezuela for Saddam and Castro


Defense Experts Challenge Arguments Against Attack On Iraq

Democrat majority died from old, Vietnam-era wounds

Democrats for Regime Change *[Article Rush is talking about today]*

Democrats have a Lott of trouble: Ann Coulter says media knowingly hiding fact [Morning re-post]

Democrats' prospects bleakest in 70 years, pollster says

Democrats: Party of Angry White Men?

Dems are so crooked they couldn't even lie straight in bed

Dems are so crooked they couldn't even lie straight in bed

Desperation forced a horrific decision

Displaced Democrats

DNC's Terry McAuliffe Asks WH for Pledge Not to Use Carrier Footage in 2004 Campaign

Eco-Terror Expert Calls For Inquiry of Green Anarchists

Eco-Terror Leader Declares War On America

Ecoterrorists Plot 'to Destroy Civilization'

Environmentalist slams 'lunatic fringe'

Environmentalist Wacko Quotes (funny stuff)

Environmentalists Organizations Exposed {Our Klamath Basin Water Crisis}

Environmentalists Organizations Exposed {Our Klamath Basin Water Crisis}

EU trails US in growth

Europe and America must stand united

Excellent History of the very scary/dangerous National Lawyers Guild

EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT: David Frum's "The Right Man"

Explosive Report: Jacques Chirac & Saddam Hussein Are Longtime Friends & Allies

F.I.R.E. Fighting Irresponsible Radical Environmentalism

Facts on Who Benefits From Keeping Saddam Hussein In Power

Facts on Who Benefits From Keeping Saddam Hussein In Power

False American Idols

FBI HANDCUFFED (Janet Reno still thwarts the War on Terror)

Fifty Years of Pan Evaporation and Solar Radiation Data: What Do They Tell Us About Climate Change?


Follow the Money: The Scowcroft Group

Former Iran Hostage-Taker Criticizes Carter Prize

Foundation cash funds antiwar movement

France's economic ties to Iraq

France, Germany protect Iraq ties

FReepathon: Our new Donation System is Ready to Roll!

Freeper Resource: What Team Saddam Doesn’t Want You To Know!

French Diplomacy Is A Lilliputian Nuisance

French Dissing In the USA

Galloway was in Saddam's pay, say secret Iraqi documents (PACIFISTS ON SADDAM PAYROLL)

George Bush's action saves American lives

George W. Bush: Hero.

God Bless Our Assassins, Commandos and Bombs

Gone But Not Forgotten: Making war and peace in the new post-Soviet world. [Hanson]

Green Terror: The Misanthropic Roots of The Environmentalist Religion

Hackworth blows up at Hugh Hewitt!

Hillary Accepts Contributions from Boston Area Muslim Terrorist Supporters

History of FR

History, hysteria and homeland security

How a Muslim Chaplain Spread Extremism to an Inmate Flock: Radical Imam Chose Clerics for Prisons

How Environmentalists Intend to Rule the World

How the feds hand out your dollars

How the Islamofascists will control and destroy America!

How To Look At The War On Terror

Hundreds of Muslim Immigrants Rounded Up in Calif.

Hundreds of Muslim Immigrants Rounded Up in Calif.

If this is what they do, then he wants to be a neocon, too


Index of articles exposing the Bravo Sierra of the Watermelon Jihadists

Individualism, Islam and the Leftist Insurrection

Intended Consequences: Natural Process v. Environmental Arrogance

Iraq dangles a $900m carrot

Iraqis selling Antiquities ( FLASHBACK 1996)

Is there ANY evil that they won't blame on Bush?

It's time for new owners


Jewish Voters Gravitating Toward GOP (Bush approval at 85%)

Jews and War

Jihadis in the Hood: Race, Urban Islam and the War on Terror

July 4th Protest of Colin Powell in Philly (Mumia Lovers Protest Alert!)

Junk Science and the New American Myths

Justice, CORE to discuss terrorists' wooing of blacks

Kofi Annan's Oil-For-Food Corruption/Oil, Food and a Whole Lot of Questions

Landmark Calls for Probe into EPA Grants to Nature Conservancy

Lawsuit Threat Complicates Thinning Plans (NM - Enviros vs. FS)

Left-wing Fascism: An Intellectual Disorder

Let's Not Forget! (Mine)

Let's Stop Scaring Ourselves

LIVE THREAD: Bush Flies to USS Abraham Lincoln for Historic Speech

Loggers displaced in 1990s left behind, study finds

Logging old-growth is a sham issue

Looting was work of organised traffickers: UNESCO experts

Major German Paper (FAZ): German Government Knows Iraq Has Biologicals

Master list FR posted articles on UN Food for Oil program

Medical Breakthrough: Cured of the Rings (tinnitus)

Militant Muslims seek Virginia base

Minister: I suspected Muhammed was a TERRORIST.(read down in article--where'd he get travel bucks?)

Most Baghdag antiquities found, unharmed

Mrs. Daschle's Clients (the financial feed on Tommy and Linda)

Mutant Marxists: Ilana Mercer warns U.N.'s assault on U.S. freedom uses eco-idiocy Trojan Horse

National Fire Maps

Neo-Socialism: A Decomposition of the Liberal Mind

NEPA Is Wounded In The House Of Its Guardians

No, Alaska is not melting

Old And In The Way (Decline and Fall of Europe)

Operation Enduring Freedom - Are We Alone? - Who's With Us (29/4) / Against Us? (14/1)

Outre Oregon

Pausers and Poseurs (Saddam's friends)

Peace advocates lead farcical parade

Peering Into the Shadows: Iraq's Bioweapons Program

Perles of Wisdom - An interview with Richard Perle

Playing Offense: The inside story of how U.S. terrorist hunters are going after al Qaeda

Playing with fire: Environmental rules fuel massive inferno

President Announces Healthy Forest Initiative

Red Queen of "Peace"

Remember Khobar Towers

Repeal the Endangered Species Act: Lamb details evidence law being used to destroy Constitution

Report: Iraqi spies in U.S.

Request to fight fire was denied (Sour Biscuit Fire, California)

RUMSFELD UNDER FIRE(Wesley Clark has accused Rumsfeld of putting troops at risk )

Saddam's Cash

Saudis Spread Hate Speech in U.S.

Say no to the nay-sayers

Scapegoats anyone?--Push to blame the Iraq war on "Jewish influence" sounds a familiar theme

Seeing Red - Spontaneous anti-American demonstrations? Think again.

Sen. Fritz Hollings: SC Democrat led fight against 1960's lunch counter integration

September 29

Shame on You America-Hating Liberals

Sheikh Gilani's American Disciples

Shying from a war, France and Russia are happy to make money out of immoral peace

Social Security Checks Called 'Silent Raid' On Illegals

Socialism = NAZI(Hitler was a socialist)

Spain links suspect in 9/11 plot to Baghdad

Spotted owl roosting on dubious science?

Spotting the Losers: Seven Signs of Non-Competitive States

Steal This Vase? Iraqis Get Some of Their Own Back

Taking On The Neo-Coms, Part I, by David Horowitz

Teresa Heinz Kerry: Financier of the Radical Left

Terror Tools

Terrorists with Tofu breath - Michelle Malkin

The 1930's, Again

The Democrats' reindeer armies are going home.

THE DIRT ON DASCHLE (reasons why he probably chose not to run)

The End of An EraThe bankruptcy of the anti-Americanists.

The English-speaking century

The Evolution of Islamic Terrorism (An overview)

The Fallacy of Renewables

The frog that roared

The Greening of McKinney

The Left's Weapons Of Mass Distraction - Lib Words of Mass Destruction

The Left’s Catastrophic Moral Record

The Liberation of Iraq

The Lone Ranger rides again

The Marines and the Shores of Tripoli

The Nature Conservancy's "outrageous contradictions and sad lies."

The Never-ending Myths of Racism In Contemporary America.......

The New Flat Earth Society-Myths about deficits and economic growth.


The poor don't pay payroll taxes.

The Real Story about PC Moose!

the real war: IRAN!

The Russian Strain: Moscow is Saddam's biggest supplier of chemical and bio weapons.

The Seamless Thread of Hate: The Beltway Sniper Shootings and Islam

The Sedition Act

The Soddomite Hijacking of the so called anti War Movement!

The Solicitor General's Brief: For diversity and against racism.

The Starry Environmentalist?

The Troika Of Duplicity

The Ultimate Sidebar Management Thread

The United States is in the grip of a certainty crisis

The United States Is Not Acting Alone! These Are Our Allies.

The Utter Waste Of Recycling

This Land Is Our Land?

Time to unshackle Iraqis from the tyranny of UN sanctions

Tracking Down A Fifth Column Front

Transcript of President Bush's Address to Australia's Parliment

Turned their backs (Frum on history of Paleos)

U.S. Boosts Precision Weapon Stocks

U.S. was alone in 1812 against Barbary pirates

UPI Writer exposes NY Slime writer re lies about the Ukrain.


USS Clueless - Kyoto (Global Warming etc.)

Vanity Post on Vanity Posts, Duplicate Posts, Trash Posts, Commie Propaganda, etc., Vol V, No. 1

Vanity: Free Republic Priority One: Defending the Constitution

Vanity: The Pledge of Allegiance is Unconstitutional - If That Doesn't Convince You What Will?

Vera Katz extends a new welcome mat for the city of Portland

Victory Over CBS and Liberalism (FreeRepublic leadership in CBS boycott)

What caused salmon deaths?

When the Dungeon Doors Swing Open...


Who Really Cooks The Books - Buffett blames Lieberman in 1994

Who The So Called Peace Protesters Aren't (They're Anti-American)

Who's Paying for It All? [re: anti=war demostrations]

Who's Smarter? (Right or Left?)

Why FBI missed Islamic threat: Agents: Clinton shifted counterterror efforts

Why Hollywood Hates Conservatives

Why is there an Islamic Village in the foothills near Fresno?

Why is this man smiling?

Why Saddam? Why now?

Wolfowitz Comments before Council on Foreign Relations

Wolfowitz Comments before Council on Foreign Relations

WSJ Review: The Arabists: The Romance of an American Elite


Your terrorist private eye kit

[Jewish] Temple attack 'stupid,' [Muslim] suspect says on tape

[Marine Corps] Task Force Tarawa visits residents of Al Shomali