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Iran Sees U.S. Behind Chavez's Venezuela Ouster

"5 FACTS ABOUT THAT FLORIDA COUNTY" Email Spreading- Shoots Down Liberal Claims

"Foster's gun" wasn't his!!

"GeoCaching" Offers High Tech Treasure Hunt

"God doesn't want us to drill ANWAR" - Enlightenment from the Council of Churches

"Heat vent" in Pacific cloud cover could diminish greenhouse warming

"The Planet Is Warming Up!"

"Tonight Show" Has Chris Matthews Taken Away In A Straight Jacket

"Winning the Cultural War" — Charlton Heston's Speech at Harvard Law School

"You Are Here to Fight" George S. Patton

'Asian Brown Cloud' damagingagriculture: UN report

'At any cost'

'Corntainer' plastic hits the market: Green packaging made without petroleum

'James Riady sent me'

'My God What Have We Done'

'Oil drilling can protect forests'

'Registered' work makes WSJ front page mention

'Same-Day Voting' Makes Hanging Chads Look Quaint

'We'll stand firm,'say GOP electors

(Palm Beach) County examines vote machines (Computerized Vote Scam)

***** "CAUGHT ON TAPE" ***** (Hot Off The Press)

****GETTYSBURG**** July 1 1863

***I've Never Seen Bob Beckel As Scared Of Anyone: Dr. Carson***

***To My Fellow Adopted Freepers***

**Freeper Contest! Name Gore's Vote Scam Scheme**


165 Broward precincts lacked GOP staff, review finds

166 years later, Texas recalls the Goliad massacre - "Remember the Alamo! Remember Goliad!"

2,000 Floridians Voted Illegally Nov. 7

21 Earthquakes Rattle Taiwan in 24 hours

27 IAF pilots refuse to fly targeted killing missions

3-Breasted Gal Joins Clinton as His New Intern

5.1 Earthquake in CA

60 Minutes: Benghazi (CBS Transcript)

62-foot live oak reigns as state champ of species - mammoth in Brazoria is new title holder

85 Year Old Compares Obama to Hitler

9/11 LESSONS FROM "LORD OF THE RINGS" AUTHOR: Tolkien, Hitler, and Nordic Heroism

A Comanche Patriot Tries to Save the White Man

A Different Count-A Count of all the Dirty Tricks Gore and His Supporters Have Pulled This Election

A Freeper's Observation: When Good Journalists Go Bad.

A mystery of Earth's wobble solved: it's the ocean

A Nazi by any other name

A New Server (to Help with the FR server)

a polar bear and a submarine

A speech by Patton (this will fire you up, scroll half way down the page for the actual speeh)

A Swedish journalist killed in Afghanistan

A Waltz Across West Texas (Video)

Abe's kin fought for South

About Norway

Absolutely mindblowing video shot from the Space Shuttle during launch

ACLU Sues Over Ten Commandments in Courthouse (Ohio)

Activism: Email is a waste of time - Use Fax Instead - Free Fax Services

Al Jazeera reporters chased out of Basra by angry mob

Alan Keyes "Making Sense" Transcript, 4/9/2002

Alaska senator proposes allowing Alaska Natives to drill

Alaska: Large earthquake strikes Alaska

Alaskans Know The Facts, Support Oil Exploration

Alcohol's Benefits Extend to Hypertension

AMERICA - The Right Way!! (Day 89) [Gimme My Durn Muffler!!! (Day 36)]


America--The Right Way..(Day 32)....THREAD 2

Amid the ruins of Jenin, the grisly evidence of a war crime

Amish ready to roll if judgment goes against them

Among Old Friends, New Disdain for America

Analysis of Presidential Election Results Since 1968

Analysis: Bush's determination surprised Israel

ANALYSIS: Liberal Democrats proceeding with caution

Ancestry Of Europeans Traced To Middle East

Ancient gold hoard found in Midlands

Ancient Iceman was killed by arrow in back

Ancient Mysteries and Human Origins

Ancient Site in Newfoundland Offers Clues to Vikings in America

Ancient Supercontinent Proposed

And now for the rest of the story.... Free Republic is here to stay!

Andrew Breitbart at CPAC 2012 - R.I.P.!

Angry Etna Rumbles On; Lava Creeps Up on Village

Another Clinton Victim: The Integrity of the Federal Courts

Antarctica Key To Sudden Sea Level Rise In The Past

Anthem of every branch of U.S. Armed Forces

ANWR's oil can strengthen U.S.

Appeal from Jerusalem on Behalf of Bethlehem

Arab leaders consider high-level meeting as anti-Israeli protests intensify

Arab Protesters Lash Out at the United States, Sharon for Israel's Attack on Arafat's Offices

Arafat Condemns Jerusalem Bombing -Statement

Arafat Condemns Terror Attacks; Powell Meeting Is On

Arctic Drilling a Threat to Wildlife - Environmental Whackos in our government

Are all Democrats Idiots? Or are all Idiots Democrats?

Are Maneless Tsavo Lions Prone To Male Pattern Baldness

Ariel Sharon meets the American emissary after the withdrawal of Jénine

Arrest Warrant Issued for Clinton - by Yugoslavia

Arse Backwards: The Federal Reserve's Approach to the Housing Market

Artists decry changes in Missouri quarter designs

As college student, Holder participated in ‘armed’ takeover of Columbia University ROTC office

As Powell Visits Ramallah Israel Relaxes "Grip", a Bit

Asteroid Discussion Thread (6023 days to impact)

Asteroid has a date with Earth, but not quite yet

Astronomers Find Speed Limit for Whirling Pulsars

Astronomy Picture of the Day -- A Dust Devil of Mars

Astronomy Picture of the Day 10-24-02

Astronomy Picture of the Day 3-09-02

Astronomy Picture of the Day 3-12-02

Astronomy Picture of the Day 3-13-02

Astronomy Picture of the Day 3-15-02

Astronomy Picture of the Day 3-21-02

Astronomy Picture of the Day 3-23-02

Astronomy Picture of the Day 6-29-03

Astronomy Picture of the Day 7-18-02

Astronomy Picture of the Day 7-27-02

Astronomy Picture of the Day 7-29-02


Astronomy Picture of the Day 8-08-02

Astronomy Picture of the Day 8-4-02

Astronomy Picture of the Day 8-6-02

Astronomy Picture of the Day 8-7-02

Attn Freepers--liberals are piling on the Sammons book at

Bacterial Explanation For Europa's Rosy Glow

Bad News from our Friends in Norway.

Baffling black blob floating near Florida - CNN

Baghdad Bob: I Believed My Own Laughable Lies

Ballot Boxes Surface in Calif. Race

Barack Obama Was A Foreign Student – American Media Threatened Into Silence

Basic html formatting

Bernard Goldberg media exposé "Bias" now top 10 on Amazon!

Bethlehem back in Palestinian hands


Betrayal in the works in the House!

Black Death 'Was Not Plague' Say Experts

Blacks of Mississippi Save the Confederate Emblem in State Flag

Blaming Jeb For Voting Mess Is A Pitiful Democratic Deceit

Blogger admits Hawaii birth certificate forgery, subverting Obama claims (Uh-oh)

Bombshell Obama Vetting: 1979 Newspaper Article By Valerie Jarrett's Father-In-Law

Bonnie and Clyde Clinton

Born to Hunt, Jack Russell Terriers Spark Battle Over Show Breeding


Breakdown of Voting Patterns by State

BREAKING NEWS: House votes to defund Obamacare

Breaking: FBI subpoenas records from St. Louis Election Board...

Breaking: Sharon calls for summit with 'moderate' Arab leaders (NEW BUS ATTACK KILLS 8, 15 IDF Dead)

Breathe easier: Regulations Cut U.S. Carbon Monoxide Emissions

British Archaeology (Latest News)

Broccoli Destroys Cancer-Causing Bacterium

Broken Undersea Cable Cripples Internet in China

Broward gets new guidelines for interpreting punch-card ballots

Bush administration is ``troubled'' by Israel's killing of Hamas leader

Bush Dedicates Oklahoma Museum

Bush Defends Backing Off Campaign Pledge

Bush hears Florida's cheers and a few Democratic jeers


Bush Reaffirms Vision of Palestinian State

Bush Returns To Florida

Bush Returns To Florida [President On A Powerful Roll]

Bush Says Most Americans Moved Beyond Bitter Vote

Bush Says U.S. Is to Assume Stronger Role in Ending Violence

Bush Signs McCain-Democrat Campaign Finance Bill; Republicans File Suit

Bush Takes on Christian Right Over Anti-Islam Words

Bush takes stand on CO2

Bush To Sharon: Do As I Say Not As I Do

Bush to Warn worst Energy Crisis since the 1970's

Bush to Warn worst Energy Crisis since the 1970's



Bush Wins Popular Vote! Proof Here ! !

Bush Wins Recount - CNN Website Has NO Mention

Bush Won Popular Vote

Bush Won't Regulate Carbon Dioxideby

Bush's "Promises" on Global Warming

C-SPAN to air Victory Brunch! Saturday March 24th - THREAD III

California Energy Crisis connected to Ron Brown, Lippo and Clinton's Utah Coalgate Scandal?

California: Budget woes hit new low: No votes

California: The devil is, indeed, in the details of Tuesday's election

Call to Study U.S. Stance on Mideast Draws Anger

Calls begin for war crimes trial for Israelis


CBS reports Sheriff Arpaio's investigation into Obama birth certificate alleged fraud

Chat with USA TODAY's Dennis Cauchon about Florida recount

Check In After Voting!!! [Voters only on this thread, please!]

Cheney visits state, calls on Americans to ready for war

Chicago Meteor Shower Scary, Stunning & 'Kind Of Exciting' (Pics and Video)

China's Oil Security Faces Tests of War

China, Norway Sign Agreement on Arctic Academic Cooperation

Church of the Nativity priest wounded

Church, state 'wall' not idea of Jefferson

Circulation of the nation's 20 biggest papers (LA TIMES / WASHINGTON POST DOWN)

Civil War History

Climate Debate Gets Its Icon: Mt. Kilimanjaro

Clinton's in-law got fees tied to pardon [ex-First Couple's kin capitalize on being "connected"]

Clinton's in-law got fees tied to pardon [ex-First Couple's kin capitalize on being "connected"]

CNN Headline News: Katherine Harris vindicated

CNN, ABC News Merger in Talks

CO2 hasn't caused warming, because of negative water vapor feedback loop

Cold fusion 'breakthrough' heralds clean nuclear power.

Cold fusion ‘breakthrough’ heralds clean nuclear power

Colossal head discovered in Egypt that could be Queen Nefertari


Confederate Army fort unearthed in Mobile

Confederate Symbol Still Waving

Congresswoman hopes to move election day to Veterans Day

Conservatives must ensure that both the Clintons are Jailed for Life

Could You Have Passed the 8th Grade in 1895?

Crude Oil Prices Fall After Venezuelan President Quits

D.C. Chapter Freeps Gore Party--Big Time !!! 5/24/01

David “The Red” Axelrod’s Communist Roots

Dead Men Voting


Deconstructing the Left: Part I -- The Puritans of Post-Modernity

Delay to Replace Armey as GOP Majority Leader

DeLay: U.S. Must Support Israel, Which Under Threat That Endangers Civilized World

Democrats paying people to walk precincts(MICHIGAN)

DEMOCRATS PLANT "Republican" Candidate..

Democrats say Bush's comments helped bring downturn [Democrats Go Into Full Panic Mode]

Democrats sue over alleged GOP stacking of poll watchers

Democrats Want Probe of State Contract With Voter-Purging firm"Katherine Harris say's great"

Democrats' Protest Fizzles (Free Republic in the NEWS) declares war on FreeRepublic

Democrats: The Party Of “No”

Dems Condemn Prez as He Returns to Fla.

Dems Consider Run for Fla. Gov. Job (FReep the rats Miami Beach June 23)

Deregulation, California-style

Did a gamma-ray burst devastate life on Earth?

Did physists just mathematicall prove the existence of God?

Did the Vikings Stay? Vatican Files May Offer Clues

Did the Vikings Stay? Vatican Files May Offer Clues (THREAD II)

Dinesh D'Souza - Obama & 2016

Dinosaurs Survived Cataclysm 200 Million Years Ago

Discovery In North China Challenges Theory On Origin Of Man

Divers Find Ruins Of Mythical City Off India

DNA Analysis Tracks Silk Road Forebears

DNA Traces Roots Back To Stone Age

Do you want George W. Bush to be the LAST Republican/Conservative President of the United States?

Doctors Warn That Global Warming Will Have Severe Impact On

Documents Show Barack Obama was Member of a Socialist Third Party in 90s

Dogs Make Us Human

Double All The Money You've Ever Made, And Double Your Income For The Rest Of Your Life!!

Downside Legacy on THE RECOUNT to 12/2/00 (Caution: Large)

Drilling Taxpayers

Drop political euphemisms -- call a spade a spade

Dutch 'break domino record'

Earthquake in Wyoming

East Bay woman, 106, is Civil War royalty

Ebola killing large number of Gorillas and Chimpanzees in Gabon - Villagers told to stay calm

Economist Richard Duncan: Civilization May Not Survive 'Death Spiral'

EDITORIAL: The Civil War of 2016: U.S. military officers are told to plan to fight Americans

Eight More Darwin Awards

Elections Sunshine-State-Style: Is a Florida-like election mess coming your way

Electoral College Vote (No Mention of Objections?)

Electoral Count Act of 1887

Eric Holder 1995 "We must Brainwash People To Be Against Guns"

ESA's X-ray space telescope proves supernova can cause mysterious gamma-ray bursts

European attitude to Israel hardens as violence increases

Evidence shows HOW the Palm Beach Democrats voided 15,000 Bush ballots, 3,400 Buchanan Ballots.

Excavations In Eastern Europe Reveal Ancient Human Lifestyles

Executive Orders: Bonfire for the Constitution

Experts Say Arctic Trees Got Equatorial Rain

Experts: $5 device a factor in 2000 race

Facing the truth about the Saudis

Fair Warning To The Peotry Branch: <i>Cheesy Rhymes</i> (A Review of "The World's Worst Poetry")

Fall of Chavez means Castro gets no oil

Far right to share power in Norway

FBI Interested in Texas “Doomsday” Ecologist who said Ebola Solution to Human Overpopulation ('06)

FBI National Domestic Threat Assessment Omits Islamist Terrorism

Fed Reports: Degraded U.S. Coastal Water Environments

Feds: 'Kennewick Man' Belongs to Five Indian Tribes

Fetus heart races when mom reads poetry

Field (Museum) finds its old guns loaded

Final speech from Cong. Ron Paul from floor of the House of Reps


Find your "favorite threads" via Google search of Free Republic, profiles

Find your "favorite threads" via Google search of Free Republic, profiles

Find your "favorite threads" via Google search of Free Republic, profiles

Find your "favorite threads" via Google search of Free Republic, profiles

First Dead Body Surfaces in Florida Vote Scandal

First Dinosaur Found With Its Body Covering Intact; Displays Primitive Feathers From Head To Toe

First They Stole the Election, Now They Are Stealing the Truth

First [The Clintons Steal] the Furniture, Now the Artwork?

Florida Changes Policy on Ex-Felons’ Voting Rights

Florida Fiasco Lives

Florida FReepers Welcome Pres. BUSH to Orlando 3/21/01- A Million Dollar Smile!

Florida panel recommends elimination of punchcard ballots

Florida recount study: Bush still wins

Florida Releases Chad-Free Proposal

Florida Vote By Mail: Recovering Democrat's Recommendations



Florida's Katherine Harris to be honored at annual Kansas Days

Flower Farms Harm the Environment

Footprints And Fire Found From 20,000 Years Ago (Tibet)

Ford, Carter to Lead Panel to Study Election Reform

Former NAACP leader carries Confederate flag across Upstate on March Across Dixie

Former Presidents Ford & Carter on panel studying federal election reform

Fossilized Proteins Help With History Of Evolution

Fourth Conservative on High Court Could Bring Changes

FOX NEWS EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Sharon Says No Peace While Arafat Is Around!

FR History: The First Thread on

FR Poll: Approval % of Condit's Effect on Ethical Image of The democrat Party

FR Poll: List your reasons to vote For, Against, or Abstain (leave blank) in the 2002 Election.

France Said Favorable to U.S. Concessions on Iraq

Frank discussion re our loss to Obama/Romney and the future direction of FR and tea party movement

Free Republic Activism - Is The Current Approach Working?

Freep: Palm Beach Election Recount Poll

Freeper XM does media bias survey of New York Times news articles...

Full CBS Report on "RatherGate" (Long)

Full text of Khamenei's speech after 9/11


Fundamental theory under question

GALLUP: Bush Approval Rating Soars To 62%; ALSO, Personal Rating Higher Than Clinton's Ever Has Been

Gallup: GOP Voters Turned Out; Dems Didn't

Gas Hits $0.82 a Gallon in Atlanta suburbs!!! (Now go see your families for Turkey Day )

Genesis Chapters 1-20

Geology Picture of the Week

Geology Picture of the Week #2

Geology Picture of the Week #2, July 14-20, 2002

Geology Picture of the Week, April 14-21, 2002

Geology Picture of the Week, March 17-23, 2002

Geology Picture of the Week, May 19-25, 2002

George Washington: Thanksgiving Proclamation, 1789

Georgia House Rejects Confederate Battle Emblem

Gephardt hints he may run for president in '04

Geraldo Fashion Update

German Sub Sank the Titanic!

GI-Jeffords enlists in Democratic army: David Limbaugh finds a silver lining in political war clouds

Giant asteroid rocked Antarctica

Giant Killing: Microsoft's Achilles Heel

Giant sea creature baffles Chilean scientists

Giant sea specimen baffles scientists

Giant sunspot may explode

Giant wave 'will hit Britain at 500mph'

Giant Wave Devastation Feared

Gingrich to WCNC: 'We’ll continue to campaign'

Give Me Your Down Home-isms!

Global Warming Could Melt Greenland Ice Sheet-Study

GOP's List of Voter Irregularities in Milwaukee

Gore Destroys Right to Vote to Abstain in Florida

GORE: "I think I'd have fixed that by now"

Gore: Party Must 'Speak Out Boldly'

Gov. Gray - In Living Color: Another disaster in California.

Grand jury subpoenas Clinton pardon records

Gum Chewing Found to Boost Brainpower, Memory

Hamas says Arafat's condemnations will not halt bombings

Handy Latin Phrases

Harris Releases Chad-Free Election Proposal

Hart strikes back in B.C.

Harvard head urges a deeper patriotism

Has FBI Cried Wolf Once Too Often?

Held Up in Bethlehem

Here Is The Forecast: Wet, Then Dry For 3,000 Years

Here’s a Side-By-Side Comparison of How Obama, Rubio, & Paul View the State of the Union

Here’s a Side-By-Side Comparison of How Obama, Rubio, & Paul View the State of the Union

Hey JimRob, when you created the beast; 'Your Opinion/Questions,' you also said . . .

HHS Sebelius Forced to Admit Total Constitutional Ignorance of Health Mandate Legal Issues

High Court Has Chance To Remove Voter Blindfolds In Judicial Elections

Hillary hires big gun for scandals


Hizbullah raises the bar: Shlomi, Ein Kinia hit

Hole In Ozone Shrinks, So Does Press Coverage

Holocaust of Giants: The Great Smithsonian Cover-up

Hotbed of Volcanic Activity Found Beneath Arctic Ocean

House Democrats move ahead on election reform panel

House Endorses Drilling in Alaska Refuge

House Majority Leader warns against unprovoked attack on Iraq

How can I become a webmaster?

How do you post a URL vs. "cut and paste"

How to do full-text FR searches

How to Make Dubya a Winner? The Flat Tax

HTML Bootcamp

HTML Bootcamp (or Wow, how did they do that?)

HTML for FReeper Newbies

HTML Sandbox

Hubble snaps stunning baby pic of cosmosGalactic whirls from 12 billion years ago

Hundreds of felons cast votes illegally

Hunting partners, wetlands come and go

I believe I have a virus.

I Need Your BEST Jokes ASAP! Thanks!!


IBM Scientists Create World's Smallest Solid-state Light Emitter;.. Carbon Nanotubes

If Palestinian tactic succeeds, it will spread

Inaugural Address by President John F. Kennedy, Washington, D.C., January 20, 1961

Inca Trail Of Hype

Increase in Greenhouse Gases Seen From Space

Inside Report: Florida retribution (Bye Bye Wexler + More Good News)

Internet account describes Todd Beamer's final moments on Flight 93.

Iran and Libya will not join Iraqi oil embargo: OPEC

Iraq Announces 10-Million-Euro Aid to Palestine

Iraq Says Will Not Accept Proposed U.N. Resolution

Iraq, Venezuela Oil Halts Leave Market Unfazed

Irate 'voter' surrenders to police 1st demanding that police show a ``Count My Vote'' license plate"

Is American imperialism a good thing or a bad thing?

Is Burial Box That of Christ's Brother?

Is Free Republic a Fraud? Is it time for Free Republic to go away?

Is there another Big Bang in our future?

Is this really it? (re: possible Obama's Kenyan B.C. - Attny Taitz) Click on the link

Israel - Sharon says Palestinian state is "fait accompli"

Israel Has Lost "Moral Superiority": Barak

Israel Now Finds Itself More Isolated Than Ever (Opinion)

Israel Says More Military Action

Israel Vows to Kill Entire Hamas Leadership, Rantisi Chosen as New Hamas Leader

Israel's Sharon has become the minister of propoganda (Projectile Vomit Alert)

Israeli army to stay put "until terrorists surrender": Sharon

Israeli forces bulldoze Palestinian TV, radio centre in Ramallah

Israeli pullback not enough, says EU: Sanctions against Tel Aviv on the cards

Israeli Tanks Roll Into Palestinian Refugee Camp

Israelis to File Charges Against Arafat in Belgium

It’s Official: Mich. Right-To-Work Bill Becomes Law

Janet Reno freventing voter fraud! Riiight!

Jeffords Is 1st Republican to Oppose Bush Tax Cut

Jenin - "My Mother Ran For Help A Soldier Shot Her In The Head

Jenin battle kills Jihad, Hamas chiefs, nets Fatah leader: Palestinians

JOHN ADAMS:Forgotten Patriot

Jordanian royal family joins Palestinian relief effort as millions of dollars pour in...

Judge finds Traficant's tactics trying

Judge finds Traficant's tactics trying

Judge Napolitano: What if they're lying to you about Ron Paul? - Fox Business

Judge stays out of flap over Confederate plaques

Judge who will decide manual recount issue is a member of "Clinton's Rogues Gallery"



Katherine Harris is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations

Katherine Harris Not Responsible for Felon Purges

Katherine Harris Rises Above Her Critics

Katherine Harris to push $200 million plan for electronic voting

Katherine Harris: I set out to follow the law, not to be a 'hero'

Katherine Harris: I set out to follow the law, not to be a 'hero'

Kennedy Family Demands GOP Yank Tax Cut Ad

Kennedys Decry GOP Tax Cut Pitch

Kensington Rune Stone

Kenyan-born Obama all set for US Senate [2004 article]

Klamath: The President Speaks

Krauthammer: Watch Lebanon

Large Gas, Oil Field Discovered in Tibet - China

Large Percentage of Population Left Out of the Tax Cut Plan

Last Meal Of Otzi The Ice Man Revealed

Latest Global Warming News

Leaders with Ginni Thomas: Andrew Breitbart (MUST see)

Left Worried by Fox News (my title)

Legal Abstain Votes are Illegal "Undervotes" of the Left

Legislature OKs Gephardt-friendly map (Dickie G succeeds in saving political ass!)

Lessons from Florida's voting debacle - (Or How I nearly lost my Alpha Bits Cereal this Morning)

Let's Embargo Them: We don't need their oil

Let's Stop the Norwegian-American Hate

Lexicon of FreeRepublic - 3rd Edition

Libertarians and the Confederate Battle Flag

Libertarians and the Confederate Battle Flag

Libya Still to Leave Arab League

Life's Building Blocks from Interstellar Space

List of presidential pardons

London - Red hair may be the genetic legacy of Neanderthals...

Looking for sites useful for research

Loyal Freeper needs help with Word 2000

Lt. General McInerney Offers Dire 9/11/14 Warning

Lucent Technologies develop molecular-size transistor

Lutherans Split Over Pope's Role.

Mama Mia! You gotta nice rocks.

Many Latinos ambivalent about election

Map of Popular Vote Centers

Marc Rich: The Next Step - The pardon investigation splits in two

Marco Rubio says he would come to the U.S. illegally if he had to

Marine: Obama Claimed He Was Born In Mombasa

Mark Levin’s EPIC monologue on Republicans being forced to defund Obamacare

Mars Ice Volcanoes

Mars Sample Return Presents Daunting Technical Challenges

Mars Tour: NASA Releases Thousands of New Photosfrom Mars Global Surveyor

Mass Sea Snail Deaths Driving Away Tourists

Mauna Loa Could be Headed for Eruption

Mayoral Candidate Debate Becomes Heated [St. Louis Voter Fraud]

Media that pilloried Katherine Harris is now silent on Denise Rich

Media Advise GOP to Dump Conservatives (Barf Alert!)

Media and Mythology

Media flogs phony ice shelf scare story

Media Research Center -- Dishonors Awards: Roasting the Most Outrageously Biased Liberal Reporters

Media Research Center DisHonor Awards Ceremony on C-Span on now (Saturday night, June 28)

Media suppress the news that Bush lost election to Gore

MEG Scalar Energy Device Patented - Production Starts NEXT YEAR!

Melting Glaciers Signal Global Warming

Meteor Clue To End Of Middle East Civilisations

Meteor Clue To End Of Middle East Civilisations

Mexicans Outraged By Congressional Resolution

Miami Dade Considers Having Jimmy Carter Oversee November Vote

Michelle Obama Goes Beserk Over Birth Certificate Findings

Minnesota Supreme Court will Hear Absentee Ballot Case

Mississippi Keeps Confederate Symbol in Landslide (65%!-God Bless Mississippi! Screw the Socialists)

Monster Skate Caught, to Rot in Feast

Most (Almost All) of the 3,000 registration cards turned in for next month's primary were fraudulent

Most distant galaxy cluster found

Mount Etna Keeps Erupting, Lava Edges Nearer Town

Mount Etna Morphing To More Explosive Volcano

Mount Rainier Showing Signs of Possible Eruption

Movie About Lt. Col. Terry Lakin's Battle To Get Obama's Birth Certificate Released In The Works

Mugabe gives nation's oil assets to Libya to secure fuel

Must-Watch Vid: Still Thinking About Voting for Obama?

My Complain to Zogby, his response and my rebuttal

My partial transcript of Press Conference as Relates to Energy

MyCn18: An Hourglass Nebula

Mystery monster from deep (huge, gelatinous sea creature washes up on Chilean beach)

NAACP can't get out the vote! (My Title)

Nancy Pelosi on the Issues


NASA Reveals New Plan for the Moon, Mars & Outward

Nasdaq falls to near 2-year low

Nasrallah Blasts US Christian Zionists

Natural selection drives rapid evolution...Irrefutable evidence Thread Three

NBC News Blames Obama's Poor Debate On Race

Neanderthals may have been as handy as modern man

Netanyahu Opposes Bush on Troops

Netanyahu Says Powell's Mission Doomed, Arafat Must Go

Netanyahu speaks before the US SENATE

Networks Helping Clintons Duck $400,000 Pardon Bribery Responsibility

Networks' early call kept many from polls

New book gives glimpse of civil war

New Israeli minister says Arafat "does not deserve to live"

New Light-Based Computer Runs At Quantum Speeds

New motion in Foster case: Attorney pushes for release of death photos taken at Fort Marcy Park

New sheriff calls for roundup of Obama records

New USGS Map Highlights Central U.S. Earthquake History

New York Times reports ad slide

New Zogby America Survey Reveals: Bush Popularity Soars; Clinton's Tumbles...


Newcomers Welcome Center and Information Desk

NEWCOMERS: Welcome Center and Information Desk

Newspaper: Gore lost 6,607 votes because of butterfly ballot

Newspapers' recount shows Bush prevailed in Fla.

No evidence Pacific rising to engulf Tuvalu, scientists say

No sympathy for U.S. gas-price woes

No Time to Move On: Time for Moral Leadership from Bush

NOAA watching apparent underwater volcano off West Coast (Please engulf CA--conservatives, run!)

North Carolina House panel approves new presidential elector system

Northern European Cod Collapse Predicted


Norway cancels Microsoft deal

Norway criticizes Israel's isolation of Arafat

Norway Govt Announces Resignation (Socialists Out)

Norway's Thoroughly Modern Royal Pair

NORWAY: Majority supports military strike

Norway: Princess to wed controversial author

Norway: Royal newlyweds glad to be home from NEW YORK

November 6, 2001: A Wake-Up Call for the GOP

Now About Obama's Teenage Years!


Obama Defends The Islamic Religion And Says That ISIS Does Not Represent True Islam

Obama Drowns in Red Ink. His stunning lack of leadership fuels our fiscal catastrophe.

Obama Ends Campaign in Half-Empty Arena

Obama Is a Spokesmodel for Tyranny (Stella Paul)

Obama Is Making the Case For His Own Impeachment

Obama Jobs Scorecard, Part 1 : The Private Sector

Obama Tells Donors: "Second Term to Redo Healthcare"

Obama vs. Goebbels: Any Difference? You be the Judge

Obama vs. Kim Jong II vs. Goebbels: Any Difference? You be the Judge.

Obama: 'We Don't Believe Anybody Is Entitled to Success in This Country'

Obama: I dunno why I Have to Spend So Much Time w/Senators from Podunk City Just To Get Bills Passed

Obamacare Side Effect – Doctors Abandon the Health Care Insurance System Altogether

Ocean Temperatures, Solar Cycles Linked

Oceans Swell Toward New El Nino

Official Picture Posting Site for the FR Second Annual Impeachment Anniversary Celebration

Oh, Brothers! (A complete report on the Clinton scandals)

Oil companies agree to $28 million settlement in Tahoe MTBE case

Oil Price Stability Is Goal Of Administration: Official

Ok Smart Guys -- What's YOUR Solution?

Oklahoma City Museum Stirs Emotions

Old Articles Suddenly Disappearing (NOT a 'censorship' post)

Oldest Human Skulls Found

On Law: Gore's beef with the Supreme Court

One Less Republican in Camp

One Short Century Ago ....

OPEC Delays Cuts in Oil Production Until Norway Specifies Reduction in Its Output

OPEC Threatens to 'Flood Market'

Open Letter Urges Bush to Act on Greenhouse Gases

Operation Infinite FReep: DC Chapter Pentagon Report


Orange Tally Nets 203 Votes For Gore

Osama continues to elude Geraldo Rivero...but how?

Our "First" President

Our latest 'quagmire'



Outside the Territory of Reason

Overturning the Education Establishment

Palestinian Islamist Journalist: 'Why I Hate America'

Palestinians say fight is over in Jenin camp

Palestinians stand firm behind Arafat

Palestinians, U.S. working on joint statement; Sharon signals end of incursions

Panel picked for Reform of Elections

Panetta: Obama never called back to check on Benghazi

Part II of Washington Times excerpts of "At Any Cost: How Al Gore Tried to Steal the Election."

Party disunity: main course at Democratic bash (When Demmycrats Attack Demmycrats)


Pennsylvania Dems try to stop photo ID requirement for voters

Peres calls IDF operation in Jenin a 'massacre'

Persian Canal Discovery Is Testament To Ancient Engineering Skills

PG&E will provide natural gas for West Coast power projects

Pheromones in perfume attract men

Physicians’ Declaration of Independence

Physicists Announce Possible Violation of Standard Model of Particle Physics

Physicists Announce Possible Violation of Standard Model of Particle Physics

Please help Florida get rid of Reno!!!


Politically Correct Country

Politics thicker than blood?

Poll of FR Opinion: What does The clinton Political Corporation term "Move On" mean to you?

Poll of FR opinion: Who STILL Believes in "The Media" Propaganda Term "undervote?"

Poll sees Americans support cutting aid to Israel

Pope accuses Israel of humiliating Palestinians

Possible Key Step In The Origin Of Life Identified

Powell Arrives at Arafat's Compound

Powell has work cut out for him

Powell Meeting with Arafat CANCELLED - State Department, Fox News Channel

Powell Meets Arafat Sunday, (HAMAS Keeps Bombing, Belgium Boycotts Israel)

Powell Meets Arafat, No Cease - Fire in Sight, ARAFAT DEMANDS ISRAELI PULLOUT

Powell meets with Arafat; more talks planned

Powell Might Meet Arafat After All (Arafat's Terrorists In Nativity Want UN, Powell To SAVE Them)

Powell Presses on With Peace Trip

Powell ready for Arafat meeting

Powell reconsidering meeting with Arafat

Powell Reschedules Visit With Arafat

Powell Says Had Useful Meeting with Arafat (Terrorists LoveFest,Will He Go to Laden's Cave Next?)

Powell Starts Talks with Besieged Arafat (Failing End To IsraelAttack, Deep in Bunker SavingArafat)

Powell Starts Talks with Besieged Arafat (Failing End To IsraelAttack, Deep in Bunker SavingArafat)

Powell to meet Arafat and Sharon in peace bid

Powell will meet Yasser again Tuesday

Powell's Mission Snubbed by Israel

Powell, Arafat to meet in West Bank

Powell, Sharon Discuss Mideast Conference Idea

Powell: Ready to Stay in Mideast

Pre-Columbian Ruins Could Be A Pyramid

Pregnant pigs on Florida ballot


President Bush's speech at the memorial center dedication

President Pushed to Escalate War in Usrael and Beyond

Presidential Pork Kills Keystone


Probe Into Cuba's Possible 'Sunken City' Advances

Probe Into Cuba's Possible *Sunken City* Advances

Problem solving pushed bright primates toward bigger brains

Protests erupt against Venezuela's new government; new foreign minister seeks close US ties

Prudhoe Bay Area Caribou Numbers Highest Ever

Q&amp;A About the Florida Ballot Review

Question: Should President Romney Pardon Treasonist Barack Hussein Obama II, a.k.a. Barry Soetoro ?

Quietly State Dept. Turns Over American Islands to Russia, Others

Radar Reveals Five Double Asteroid Systems Orbiting Each Other Near Earth

Rare Confederate flag handed down through Union soldier's family goes for $41,000 at auction

Rather Says "Right Wing" 58 Times and "Left Wing" Six Times During the News

Real Stimulus: A National Sales-Tax Holiday

Recount of Florida undervotes confirms Bush victory

Religious Right and swing voters may stay home (this won't help at all)

Remembering Hank Williams On His 90th Birthday


Removal of Florida Supreme Court Justices

Report: -RIADY- Walks after Day/Night in LA Court

Report: Bush open to more drilling

Report: Bush Would Likely Have Won Florida Recount

Report: Bush Would Likely Have Won Florida Recount

Reports tie Marc Rich to Russian spies

Republicans: Democrat Ate Chads

Researchers Look to Mop Carbon Dioxide from Air

Return To Land Of Recounts Proves Painless For Bush

Revenge served cold - Florida Supreme MUST GO on Nov.5 (From Campaign2002 Thread) IMPORTANT

Riady Pleads Guilty To Violations

Riady's Help Probably Won't Lead To More Prosecutions

Romney: Obama’s 47% of the electorate is dependent on government

Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk:The Conflict Between Collectivism and Liberty is Reflected in the Pre

Ross debacle shows that Democratic Party lacks leadership


Rush Is the Reason...Rather was on O'Reilly!

Rush just opened with a comment about FR

Rush Limbaugh gets it half right - there is no SS trust fund

Rush tweaking Freepers...

Rush's looking for FREEPERS - Get movin'!

Sandbar spells end of blockade runner

Saudi media say US snub endangers terror alliance

Saudi Press Blames Bush For Palestinian Situation (My Title)

Saudis deny base access for Iraq attack


Scalia condemns activist jurists in Dallas speech

Scandals take their toll on hopes for political renaissance

Scholar Claims Oldest Jesus of Nazareth Evidence

Schröder's anti-war rhetoric hits German exports to America (HOLD MEIN BIER, THE CONSEQUENCES)

Scientific Discovery of "Rare Nuclear-Fusion Violating-Charge-Symmetry"!

Scientists Claim to Revive Alien Bacteria

Scientists Confirm Earth-Like Planet Orbiting Nearby Star

Scientists Discover Second Genus of Early Human

Scientists Find Giant Octopus

Scientists find gold coin in Confederate sub

Scientists find perfect egg-cracking method

Scientists Say Asteroids' Bigger Belt Is Nothing To Worry About

Scientists Unleash a New Form of Matter


Scripps scientists link chemical in tobacco with onset of diseases

Sea life scarred by ancient humans

Sea life scarred by ancient humans

Sea of Japan Ocean Currents are Warming

Searching for . . . Al Gore [Al Hunt Barf Alert]

SEATTLE EARTHQUAKE- Consolidated Thread # 3

Senate approves $2.27 trillion budget

Senate OKs 2-cent gas tax:(Alabama Senate)

Senate Passes Election Reform Bill: ID Req'd

Senate Races 2002


Serbia Elections Ruled Invalid

Settlers vow to resist any move to expel them

Shall we drive Hillary Clintax from the U. S. Senate????

Shameless Redistribution Populist Giveaway for Soc Sec - AND REPUBS LOOK BAD ANYWAY [Vanity]

Sharon objects to target-date focus of US peace 'road map'

Sharon Says It: We Will Crush Them

Sharon strengthens coalition

Sharon teaches Powell a lesson over breakfast

Sharon vows not to allow decisions to be forced on Israel

Sharon vows sharp response to Gaza Strip mortar attacks

Sharon Vows to Keep Arafat Caged, Fighting Rages (WARNING: Look at authors name)


Sharp rise in favour of war on Iraq (Guardian poll)

Sheriff Joe Now Investigating Obama Alias Harry Bounel: Obama Mama In WA In 1961 (Arpaio)

Sheriff Joe: 'Common Sense' ISIS Will Try to Exploit Border


Signatory of Israel pilots' letter says regrets signing petition

Silence Of The Lambs: The Election Story Never Told

Sit. Speak. Good Photon! (Scientists can make light stand still)

Site Sheds Light on Human Arrival

Sixty-Second Activist - today's Action Item---ACTION ITEM: Your most IMPORTANT one Yet!

So, This Is Heaven: Norway

Socialists & Communists: We Operate Through the Democrat Party

Socialists in Congress

Solar Power to Challenge Dominance of Fossil Fuels

SOLEDAD O'BRIEN WAS A DERRICK BELL FAN (Tweeted on day of his death)

Sons of Confederate Veterans fight to get book in library

Sousa Marches for Memorial Day

Space Impact 'Saved Christianity'

Space Rock May Solve Death Of Mythic Emperor

Spectacular Galaxy Collision Visualization

Spectacular rare green meteor lights up morning sky


St. Louis Woman (Nona Montgomery) in voting inquiry denies knowing of any fraud


State of Missouri Request for Centralized Voter Registration Database: A Voter Fraud Tool?

Statistical Abstract paints America by the numbers

Strom Thurmond: A Tribute


Studies Suggest Unknown Form of Matter Exists

Study Begins on Confederate Warship

Study shows asteroids destroyed life on Earth at least twice

Supernovas may cause mystery ray bursts

Supreme Court allows cemetery Confederate flag ban

Supreme Vindication: Why Results of Recent Recounts are No Coincidence

Surprise! Palm Beach Voters Are Smart Enough To Vote After All &lt;My title&gt;

Surprising Discovery in 'superconducting'

Survey of Florida Voters Says State Should Do More to Educate

Syria to move Lebanon troops to border area (20,000 Syrian Troops - Hizbollah Increased)

Tax Cuts in Trouble?

Teaching the truth: Alan Keyes warns children need to learn founding principles

Ted Cruz Talking Filibuster in progress (Live Thread)

Texas manual count law cited by liberals was NOT signed by Bush - Ann Richards passed it in 1993

Texas/Wyoming Inaugural Ball 2005

Text of President Bush's 1st News Conference

Th Infamous "Disputed Election" of 1876

That Sinking Feeling Could Be The Moon (Tuvalu)

The 10 Richest U.S. Presidents

The Amateur: Barack Obama in the White House

The American Colonist's Library--A Treasury of Primary Documents

The Barbara Olson Bomb

The Battle in Jenin: An Assessment

The Beautiful, Perky Buffalo Teachers, Courtesy of Taxpayers

The bleeding hearts are weeping

The brilliant offer Israel never made

The Cult of Reason and the "Murder" of God

The curse of the quarter -- A strange series of coincidences befalls the 50 State Quarters

The Dark Ages: Were They Darker Than We Imagined?


The Dems’ Florida Trap

The dirty secret in Uncle Sam’s Friday trash dump (GAO annual financial report)

The Economist says Bush was NOT ELECTED

The Election Fraud Theory

The End of the State of Israel

The First Annual Free Republic Media Accountability Awards

The Florida Recount Consortium Find Broward and PB Election Judges Have Poor Eyesight (maybe)

The Free Republic Legal Defense Fund

The Free Republic Problem: Markets in Information

The FReeper Foxhole Remembers D-Day On Omaha Beach (6/6/1944) - June 6th, 2003

The FReeper Foxhole Remembers The Andrew's Raid -Locomotive Chase (4/12/1862) - Apr. 11th, 2003

The Gore(y) details

The GUILD 2-15-2001********Thread #1

THE GUILD 4-28-2001

The GUILD 7-22-2002 Register to Vote!

The Importance of Congress’s All-Time Low 10% Approval Rating

The Incitement That Raised the Generation of Suicide Terrorists

THE LEXICON OF FREEREPUBLIC (More help for newcomers)

The Mammoths Demise

The Moral Superiority Of Israel

The Myth of Florida: Another day, another recount--and Bush wins again.

The Oil Connection--Looking for REFUTATION of French book

The Origin of the Palestine-Israel Conflict

The Partisan Press

The Patriots Rules of Engagement: If you post here, you better know this!

The Poetry Branch of Free Republic ~ Thursday ~ May 2, 2002

The Poetry Branch of Free Republic~First Day of Spring

The Purpose of Free Republic

The Real Viking Legacy

The Reappearance of Natural Law

The Rube Goldberg Clinton Rehabilitation Project (smear conservatives as Clinton-haters)ANN COULTER

The Russian Connection and the Marc Rich Pardon

The Seals of Benghazi - Mark Tyson (Nice Song Tribute)

The South Carolina Chapter Proudly Presents SECRETARY OF STATE KATHERINE HARRIS

The South fought the Civil War to Defend Slavery

The Sun Has a Thousand Faces

The Third Oil Crisis?

The Unimpeachability of Bill

The United States at Night April-Oct 2012

The United States Is In Deep Doo Doo!

The Vetting, Part 1 - Barack's Love Song to Alinsky

The Warrior-Poets of WW II

The Winner Is...Review Validates Court's Decision

The Winner Is...Review Validates Court's Decision

The XMAS-Files

Theory about Bush loss of 58,000 votes in last 2% of FLA voting

They May be Mini-Powers -- But Don't Be Fooled

Things a True Southerner Knows (Thread II)

Thinking Globally: Student activists protest Cornell's greenhouse gas emissions (ithaca barf alert)

This 14 minute video shows many of Obama's broken promises

This article is an internal draft, published by mistake!!! USATODAY BLUNDER UNCOVERED BY FREEPERS

Thomas Jefferson--WELL WORTH READING!!!!

Thune holds off on recount(chad checking a possibility)

Today is My 13th Anniversary on FreeRepublic

Today, it became real.....

Too Black to Fail

Too Much Screen Time Can Make Computer Users Sick (bad news for Freepers)

Top 50% of Wage Earners Pay 96.09% of Income Taxes

Traficant first congressman since 1905 to lack committee

Tree Rings Show A Period Of WideSpread Warming In The Medieval Age

Tree-Sitter Dies in 150-Foot Fall

Tropical Storm Barry (7AM EST 8-4-01)

Trump And Hannity Discuss Obama's Forged B. Cert And Missing College Records("Born in Kenya" Video)

Tudor Bridge And Ancient Animal Remains Found In Suffolk

Turkey and Greece strike pipeline deal to bring Iranian gas to Europe

Turkey sends Israel Message of Condolence

Turkey solving its Kurdish and Islam problem

Turkish FM Gul says Turkey to observe in Kirkuk

TV Network Cinton Bribery Story Moving on Two New Fronts: Direct Payments To Clinton & Black Rage

Two Cows - Revised Again

Two Cows - Revised Again

U.S Warns Of 'Devastating' Israeli War Against Syria, Lebanon

U.S. agrees to international peacekeeping force

U.S. cancels exercise with Israel after threat assessment

U.S. demanding Israel formally accept road map

U.S. Military Commandos Made It To Benghazi

U.S. senators propose Kyoto alternative {would create a national registry U.N would ENFORCE RULES}

U.S. teams to oversee Israeli, PA implementation of road map

U.S. welcomes change at top in Venezuela, likely return of oil flow

UN Security Council Condemns Middle East Violence -- U.S. Abstains

UN Security Council passes resolution on Ramallah situation - USA abstains from vote

Underground Nuke Facility Found in Iraq

Undersea ruins point to Noah's flood

Undervotes Support Bush Win [from today's Miami Herald]

Unexpected New Observation May Advance Physics

Uniting America: Alan Keyes weighs in on race issues

UPDATE 1-Oil price slips as U.S. inventories rise

US Asks UN Council To Pressure Israel On Ramallah

US criticizes Israel for attempt to kill Deif

Vast Energy Resource Locked Below Ocean Floor

Vatican outrage over church siege

Vatican says no peace until Israel quits territories

Venezuela - Resignation of temporary president Pedro Carmona (official)

Venezuela armed forces on state of alert as general strike bites

Verifiable Gore voting machine fraud -By machine manufacturer

Very Richest's Share of Income Grew Even Bigger, Data Show (Hate the rich alert)

Vice president speaks in Midwest City (Tom Cole, 4th District Republican Candidate)

Video: The Obamacare Mess Explained in One Sentence

View From The Left: Peace Kooks

Viking Kittie Lightning Strike

Vikings May Have Been More Social Than Savage

VINCE FOSTER - The Peripatetic Gun

Volcanic bulge has town excited

Volcano Blows Smoke Rings - Cigar Smokers Put To Shame Everywhere

Volcano Erupts on Ocean Floor Off Oregon Coast

Vote fraud charges are hogwash, Clay says, but Bond stands firm

Voter error invalidated 2 million ballots nationwide

Voter March 5/19/01 Washington D.C.

Voters upset over absentee ballot rules [fallout from Wellstone's death]

Voting fraud investigation looks at drive to register more blacks

Warmer temperatures a natural phenomenon, new study indicates

Was the attack on Benghazi an "October Surprise" gone bad?

Washington Salutes Andrew Breitbart (+fantastic video)

Watch out, GOP: Absentee-ballot drive is Democrats ace

We Can't Get Along Without Saudi Oil

Welch on Obama: It’s always someone else to blame with this guy

What Did CBS Know, and When Did They Know It? Is CBS Guilty of Obstruction of Justice?

What did hillary clinton know and when did she know it? And was she part of it?

What does it take to Impeach the entire Florida Supreme Court

What Happened to Independence for the Unborn?

What is the Federal Entity that is the Controlling Legal Authority for The White House?

What is Wrong with Female Voters?

What Is Your Medieval Personality

What Makes a Republican - a REPUBLICAN?

What Makes a Republican - a REPUBLICAN?

What really is going on in Israel!

What was the real reason for the Civil War?

What's Up in Space-10 Apr 2003 AURORA ALERT

What's Your Point Senators?

When Humans Faced Extinction

Where is the next Einstein?


Which parts of the Middle East did God give to the Jews?


White House rejects election-reform request

Who Really Won? County by County Results.

WHO RUNS THE UNITED NATIONS (United States pay 25.000%France pay 6.494%)

WHO RUNS THE UNITED NATIONS (United States pay 25.000%France pay 6.494%)

Why are people in Florida allowed to vote?

Why Clinton failed to stop bin Laden

Why do they hate President Bush?

Why Don't Republicans Fight?

Why Europe Hates Israel

Why France disdains America

Why God Created the GOP

Why Gore lost the presidency

Why Republicans Should Hold Their Heads Up


Why the Average Southern Solider Fought

Why The Electoral College Needs to Be Strengthened, Not Abolished


Why would you ever go to North Dakota? (vanity)

Will the Miami Herald conduct a Keystone Kount? The Miami Herald plans a scavenger hunt ~ John Fund

Windfarms Stir Up Controversy


World's 1.2 Billion Muslims Condemn Israel, Call For Struggle Against Occupation

WWII Navajo Code Talkers Honored

Xynergy Hopes To Power Up The Planet With Solar Satellite Plant

Yellowstone Could Help Find Life on Mars

Yellowstone Lake Hints at Buildup to Hugh Blast.

You Can't Understand ISIS If You Don't Know the History of Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia

Your Fault. No, Yours. No, Yours.

Your favorite liberal buzzwords here!

ZOGBY's FINAL NUMBERS- released to subscribers tonight 9:45 to Midnight

Zogby: The New Real Majority (Plus a free report)

[Bush Is] Still the One: Analysis: Bush Tops Gore in Fla. Recount

[CONNECTICUT] State to investigate possible ballot fraud