Since May 8, 2001

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As a former "moderate" and former believer in the naive utopian views contained in, among other texts, Thomas L. Friedman's "The Lexus and the Olive Tree" I have developed a unique geopolitical perspective.

Since beginning my awakening process in 1996, I have increasingly embraced a hybrid of neo-Clausewitzian and worst-case approaches to geopolitical analysis that would make all liberals, and even certain factions within the GOP, cringe. It goes without saying, that Communists, Marxists, Nazis, Fascists and other procrustean types hate me.

Specifically, I believe that war between great powers is inevitable and happens in a recurring cycle which cannot be broken by any but Almighty God. The sooner we accept this, and structure our lives, our expectations, our geopolitics, our economics, and our strength of will, to this reality, the better it will enhance the chances for the long term survival of Western Civilization. This might seem counterintuitive, given the conventional anti Clausewitzian "wisdom" that great war has become so destructive as to make all conceivable unlimited wars fought between great powers immoral. However, consider the ultimate end state of the current conventional "wisdom" - is it any different from what would be brought on by the mentality of "better Red than dead" or, the more current variation, "better Muslim than dead?" There has been no consensus whatever that the next great war shall be the end of all times or that certain "worst case" wars against large nuclear armed powers (or axes of them) are unthinkable under all circumstances. Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, a CIA veteran, among others who have done so, has presented analyses which completely refute the ideas of "nuclear winter" and "total destruction." I postulate that should we ever be so unfortunate as to be put in a situation where we have not explicitly prepared to fight and win a war against the greatest powers, up to and including a full nuclear exchange, and, we face another world war axis, we may well think to ourselves that we desparately want to live, and that we do not envy the dead. We might well castigate ourselves for failing to consider the obvious fact that war between great powers is the most likely eventual outcome and that no peace lasts forever. Shame on us for dreaming naively otherwise!

When the gallows at Nuremburg dispatched Evil Incarnate, many mouthed the words "never again." Sadly, it would have been possible to predict, as early as 1946, that this was but a shallow platitude. The Trial of the Century convicted only a fraction of a certain Nazi contingent of the overall totalitarian monster. It did not indict, per se, totalitarianism. In all but Western Europe, totalitarianism was given a pass. The cancerous cells were never eradicated. And, predictably, they have again taken root. Islamism, National Bolshevism, neo-pan Sinicism, neo-pan Slavism, and a number of other mass psychotic polities, have risen to the surface once again, and have merged with the general envy that less capable countries (and even internal factions sympathetic with them) have toward the West and toward the US (and Israel) in particular. "Never again" is now impossible. So now the only question is, when "it" happens again, who will be the fiends, who will be the victims, where will it happen and how badly? To shy away from this only means that one is dreaming of the impossible. How naive.

This is but part of an overall hard line far, true, Burkian Right, conservative outlook, mindful of the Western Tradition, which gives me an immense source of personal accomplishment and is embodied in my tag line.

If I can incite raging maniacal tantrums in all shades of Leftists, while at the same time bringing out ad hominem attacks by those who abuse the word and mistakenly proclaim themselves as "Conservatives" (but who are really of the Jacobin, anti conservative stripe, wanting no rules and no moral code in force, and who actually harm the Right, not to mention society as a whole) then I must be doing something right (um, make that Right!).

When you see not only the Left but also many who proclaim themselves to be "conservatives" actively undermining Western Civilization and selling out the USA to enemies foreign and domestic, including anti Western nation states, then the time for drastic measures may be nigh.


At various times since my sign up date, there have been false claims and misconceptions regarding my beliefs. While I may criticize certain factions whose power in the GOP slowly increased throughout the 20th century (e.g. Progressives, Libertarians, Free Traders, Big Tenters, Grover Norquist bootlickers, etc) I have an explicit goal of tough love for the GOP. I have no hidden agenda; my agenda is open. In essence, I believe strongly that for the GOP to become *THE* party for the 21st century, we must diligently study best practices from our past. Of note, I frequently meditate on the Republican Party Platform of 1900. This platform included balanced fair trade, a strong national defense, strong national sovereignty, responsible currency management, and a generally pro USA and pro Western Civilization stance. It is the essence of a rare time in our history where we were financially, geopolitically, and spiritually ascendent all at the same time. I think that we still don't fully comprehend the great harm done by Czolgolz' bullets. I urge all here to meditate on these things, and to consider how to move the GOP from a receding, reactive, increasingly liberal stance, to a stance of taking initiative and becoming the leader in both political and geopolitical development of the USA and Western Civilization. Some will label me a throw back to primitive ways, but as I see it, my ways are reflective of the true future and of the primacy of the greatest civilization ever to grace God's green Earth.


I loath the 3rd Way, the Norquist Arabists and Transnational Progressives, and pledge to fight these movements with all my might. The 3rd Way, Norquist Arabists and the Transnational Progressives are unmistakable enemies within of the USA and the West. No matter how high in position any of them are, if they commit treason, then the full weight of the law must come down on them and make examples of them which shall be remembered for 1000 years.


About my handle: Firstly, it signifies my promotion of the principles of the GOP platform of 1900 A.D. Secondly, with my overt use of "A.D." as opposed to nonsense such as "CE," I am boldly stating my belief that Western Civilization owes its life to Judeo-Christian and Romano-Hellenic underpinnings. God Bless America and God Bless Western Civilization.

A warren of anti Bush, anti Western hatred, anti Semitism, and, raging Pan Sinicism - from Columbus, OH! The enemy within?

"Against the insidious wiles of foreign influence the jealousy of a free people ought to be constantly awake, since history and experience prove that foreign influence is one of the most baneful foes of republican government." ---George Washington, 1793