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Golfer, Military Vet, College Grad, Husband, Father, and Christian.

FreeRepublic is a good place for understanding the 'why' behind so much of what is 'wrong' today. However, as a place for learning how to be 'right' or to do 'right'? That's perhaps beyond its scope.

I would have to say that this forum mostly detracts from our duty. Yes, Freepville is wonderful, and addictive. But the truth is this: we all have real people who are counting on us to be 'right', to do 'right' - people are not born with this skill ... they acquire via imitation.

Our parents, kids, neighbors... we set an example to them everyday, whether we intend it or not. Everyone of us is a Sunday School teacher on Sundays. Still in bed? Your kids learn Sundays are 'bed' days. Never saying thank you to God? Your neighbors never witness you saying thank you to God, and learn by your example.

Freepland documents very well how marriage is under assault, but little in Freepville will help you if you looking for a way to be 'rightly married'.

Blissful Marriage: A result of a worldly husband's transformation into the Word's wife.

That tag line replaced the tag line I used for my initial years here, which I left as is below. Laocoon is indeed a good story to know. But nonetheless, it doesn't pay to spend much time imitating Laocoon - people are not paying attention anyway.

So, this new tag line I credit to a fellow freeper who posted to a Oswald Chambers daily thread. I had objected to a comment about a man 'marrying' the Bible. I had said you marry a woman, not a book.... until I thought it over some more, and realized my error.

I am not married to an actual book that has paper with inked words, but I am the Word's Wife, indeed, and once I accepted His Proposal, I can sincerely report Mrs. Gb and I share a blissful marriage.

But I should be more clear, now that a few years have passed since my last update on this page. I can't really say I 'accepted' His proposal, in the sense that a 'no' was possible.

Marriage is the primary key to understanding all the political fights and insanity out there.

Marriage is the key regarding how kids grow up into functioning men and women.

Marriage is the true Battleground.

Once a man conforms to the submission required by the Word, and then embrace's his role as the 'Word's Wife', his own wife finds that 'becoming' a wife is something she can achieve, in a hopeful manner, because she has something to imitate.

For a man, the art of Husbandry and the skill and duty of Fatherhood must first be rooted in the ground of feminine response. Constant weeding of effeminate traits must also occur. It is a tough nut to crack if you are raised as a 'guy' in the OSU Buckeye world of 'manhood'.

But, I can report truthfully, you won't regret it.

And if none of this makes sense, then at minimum, I tell one and all, become a golfer. Don't play at golf. Become a golfer ... and wisdom will come to you, if you stick it out.

This image is about a Father and Sons who died because they were trying to provide a warning to the Trojans about what was inside the Wooden Horse. Interestingly, you'll notice no mention is made regarding his wife. ______________________________________________________

Been told to "lighten up" a few times over the years. Not very good at that. FreeRepublic has enormously helped. Thank you Jim.

Who is Laocoon? See here

Laocoon failed to get the attention of the Trojans. He really tried, (some say he even threw a spear at that wooden horse) but he and his two sons paid with their lives for their efforts. The Greeks of course won this particular fight. But, it doesn't always have to turn out this way.

Why did I pick a messenger that was ignored, a messenger whose warnings did nothing to stave off the destruction of Troy? Why pick him - he got himself killed along w/ his sons? Because, although publik skhools taught me about Helen of Troy, they didn't say a word about Laocoon. They should have, for there is a bigger lesson than the fact that a pretty woman can make men behave irrationally. That lesson is that people seem WIRED to ignore warnings ... and destroy the warner.

Despite that reality, warnings sometimes do indeed help; even though its really uncomfortable, some folks do actually listen and a few even heed. I sort of felt sympathy for the Trojans, in the same way I feel sympathy for us here in the USA. Still, too many of us are just too comfortable to listen. But after 9-11, times are changing I think.

This post is likely my "lightest".

How Atkins Affected My Golf Score

This post, comments to an article regarding Gay Marriage, is a bit heavy.

Loving a Wife and Raising a Dog - Hmmmmmmm

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Oh, yes, almost forgot: I love the Ohio State Buckeyes and Jim Tressel. Go Bucks!