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"Some Stand Tall"
©Gloria Jane Mattox-Farrar

I wrote it for our officer's of law, our firemen, and all those who
have served, or who are now serving in our armed services.

"You!" My hero's, are the some that stand tall.

Lost 1/4th of my left lung to lung cancer. Still,
although a little breathless, here's my best shot at

"The Star Spangled Banner, Country Style"

The next song, "John Brown's Body" is about 150 years old. It's from back around the time that northern Christians, abolitionists, free blacks, anti-slavery activists and Kansas land owners first formed the Republican party. It's about the abolitionist and well known Baptist Preacher John Brown, an honorable man who gave his life to put an end to slavery.

During the civil war northern soldiers used to sing the song as they marched off to battle. After "Julia Ward Howe" heard Union troops singing this, the original version of the song, she wrote her own words to it's tune. Soon after, her version was published in the "Atlantic Monthly" as . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

"The Battle Hymn Of The Republic"

"John Brown's Body"

The next song is mine, I wrote it to remind liberals who
say they want "World Peace" where it really comes from!

"World Peace"

This next song I wrote about the Tea Party movement. Go
ahead Washington, laugh at the people, laugh just like that
ole king of England did. But you won't be laughing long.
We'll vote you outta there!


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God Bless!