Since Apr 15, 2005

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I like everyone until I have reason not too. I like fast women, horses, and cars, not real fond of ugly things in life, but who is? I'm a card playin', whiskey drinkin', ol' wore-out cowboy who doesn't really give a damn what the French think of the USA, what the terrorists think of us, or even what Dan Rather has to say. I'm a true- blooded American, I fought in Viet Nam with the 101st Airborne, and I love my wife and children. I help all that I can, and I try to look out for my friends. Like most folks, I mean no harm to anyone, but if you strike first, I'll be there in spades to kick your ass, and take names later. I don't think much of Canadians either, as I think they are a bunch of wimps and pansies too!! Must be the French influence on them!! I'm proud to be an American, and if someone doesn't like that, guess what you can kiss? I'm tired of being told by the rest of the world that my country is evil, no good, and rotten to the core. To hell wth that noise! How many of them helped us with the hurricanes, fires, and mudslides last year? Seems to me, none of them did ,but when there is a disaster somewhere in the world, what nation is the first one there to help? Can you say...U...S...A...? Hope you now see where I'm coming from.