Since Nov 25, 2000

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FREE REPUBLIC. I love America and I am a patriot. Served 22 yrs military: 13 yrs USN (aircraft electrician F/A-18 and A-6E jets on aircraft carriers), 9 yrs ANG (Tulsa ANG F-16 jets, Texas ANG C-130 propeller transport aircraft, and North Carolina ANG C-130 propeller transport aircraft) all aircraft electrical systems. (Desert Storm combat cruise on USS Nimitz, C-130 operations to support Iraq / Afghanistan post 9/11)

These are core issues:

I have real world experience developing software for IBM, SABRE, Bank of America, etc. This experience spans various competencies: programming in Java, c#, SQL, UNIX shell, etc; project management, system design & architecture, performance testing, triage & troubleshooting.