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December 18, 2003 post on the thread: Is the Death Penalty Morally Equal to Abortion? Bishops Preach Politics Rather than Gospel Truth :

how can you equate the killing of the innocent with the killing of the guilty? Unless you don't believe in guilt.

Actually, there are some on both sides who do not equate the two. One side objects to Saddam being executed, but defends the "Right to Abortion". The other side exactly the opposite.

And the issue of guilt, of whether there is Good and Evil, defined by a power higher than us mortals, is at the heart of this strange result.

Those who believe in a Higher Power understand that we should use the power vested in us by that Higher Power, to further Good and fight Evil. There are crimes worthy of the death penalty, and surely if anyone is guilty of such crimes, Saddam is.

Those who don't so believe, the secularists and amoral atheists, conclude that it is Wrong to make such Moral Judgements. Taking the life of an unborn child is acceptable, because it is simply an act of convenience for the mother, not a moral judgement on the child. Taking the life of Saddam is wrong, for the very reason that it is being justified on Moral grounds.

Strange - one side finds that the more guilty the victim, the more justified the murder, while the other side finds that the more innocent the victim, the more acceptable the murder.

And the reason they think Moral Judgments are Wrong is that they recognize the power of such judgments, and they fear that power.

If you must sail the oceans in boats with no rudders, you learn that the greatest disasters happen to the most powerful boats. If all boats are rudderless, then the only safe boat is the child's boat in a bathtub.

Without faith in the guidance of a higher power, they are without a rudder.

Hence they fear power. They fear the military, they fear America, they fear George W Bush, they fear capitalism and industry, they fear freedom, they fear Moral Judgment, and they fear Faith itself, the one thing that would enpower them and enable them to overcome their fear. And for them, as for you and me, hatred, anger and loathing are the usual emotions that follow upon and cover up fear.

Without knowledge of good and evil and lacking the rudder of faith, all things powerful become all things dangerous. And since "safe" versus "risky" is their substitute for Good versus Evil, anything that is powerful is Bad.

Hitler and Bush become indistinguishable.

The Leftists are just as intelligent and learned as us, their emotions just as primal as ours, and their bodies just as strong. The critical difference is that they have lost their spirit.


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