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"A Modest Proposal (Warning: Gross!) for a QuickPeace w/ IslamicTerrorist-FundamentalistsUsingPi gs"


"Secrets of securing Best Table at Best 5-Star Restaurant in less than 5 minutes"

"Stop Subsidizing Terrorism"

(Palm Beach) County examines vote machines (Computerized Vote Scam)



4 myths about global warming

4 myths about global warming

A Case Study for Global Warming: The Little Ice Age offers clues to how our society might handle a

A Legal Call to Arms: How to Save the Country, Preserve the Rule of Law,Prove Media Election Fraud,

A Selection of PRIVACY Links - BOOKMARK THIS!

A Selection of PRIVACY Links - BOOKMARK THIS!

A Worst Case Scenario: Could Russia have been Partly Behind the WTC-Penatgon Attacks

Al Sharpton's Jihad

An Enabling Act for the Judiciary?

Attitude Channeling and Brainwashing (Absolutely Incredible)

Boyden Gray: Republican shortfall in FL caused by networks saying polls closed

BROKAW, JENNINGS, RATHER --- Are You on the Case Yet???

Bush Policy Initiaitives:Seizing the Agenda:AllFronts: "Boldness has Genius, Power & Magic in It."

Bush's Palestinian State Strategy

But At Core, This Is A Florida Issue - (HURL alert!! Red Star Tribune editorial)


Can Inalienable Rights Exist if there is no God?

Can Inalienable Rights Exist if there is no God? [Thread 2]

Candy Crowley: Democrats and 'The List' for 2004

Cheney Unveils Energy Plan During Toronto Visit

Clamoring for Kyoto: The Networks’ One-Sided Coverage of Global Warming

Clean air and polluted science

CNN Vote Coverage Called 'Debacle'


Conservatism vs. Libertariansim: Burke v. French Revolution

Crop Circles: The TRUTH!!

David Limbaugh: MRC Dishonors Awards; Katherine Hrris; FReepers Dinner

Decisons which value people's lives, not extremist hype must dominate publicv environmental policy.

Deroy Murdock: Russia does taxes right

Does Spy Software Exist On Your Computer? You Better Check!

Dump ( On ) the Left-Wing Media & their bias

Eletion Night Network Bis

Endangered Species Act Under Congressional Scrutiny (Klamath Falls)

Enviro -terorrists & Links to Related enviro-junk science fraud articles List

Environmenmtalist Biofraud: Reason Mag.

Environmentalist Atrocities - What They’re Killing in America

Extremism in defense of tundra

Felon For Gore: 2,000 Felons Voted for Gore in Florida alone.

Fighting eco-terrorism - The green threat?-Violent environmentalists may soon start feeling the heat

FL Panhandle Voters Sue Networks Over Projecting Early Gore Victory

Fla. Vote Review Shows Barest Margins

Fraudulent "Fish Protection" Religion: Greens Plot to Bankrupt NW Farmers


Freedom is the Reason we are Fighting Terrorism: Terrorists Hate Our Freedom

Freedom is the Reason we are Fighting Terrorism: Terrorists Hate Our Freedom

Funny Quotes from Catholic School Children

GOP's Strategy May Be Winning Catholic Voters

Gore Plans 'Fantastic Voyage' in Subatomic Chad Hunt

GOTTA SEE THIS! A Compiled Look at the War on Terrorism: threads posted by Diogenesis. (Updated)

Greener Than You Think

Greens force strategic mine out of existence.

HAL9000 - Links to news sources

Horowitz Barred From PBS Debate Over His Own Ad

How a Methodist Learned to Court Catholics

How to Save the Republic, Hold the Media Accountable, Save the Rule of Law and Save the Election

HTML Bootcamp (or Wow, how did they do that?)

Human Action

Hurt by Deregulation of Utilities, California Gives Itself Lead Role

I'm Mad As Hell and I'm Not Going to Take it Anymore! $5 Trillion worth of MAD

In this war of civilisations, the West will prevail


IowaHawk: Fantastic Voyage as Micro-Veep Plans Subatomic Chad Hunt

IowaHawk: Gore Vows More Election Challenges, Papier Maché Therapy

Jonathan Alter is a clymer on the Body Politic.(nothing follows)

Judge Thomas - Francis Boyer Lecture, "Be not Afraid"

Katherine Harris One year later.

Katherine Harris: I Set out to follow the Law, not b\to become a Hero.

Labor Daze ~ the best Labor Day essay I've ever read

Landmark Legal vs. NEA {political fraud and corruption}

Landmark Takings Suit: Victory for Property Rights.

Make the TV bosses sweat

McVeigh Letter to Fox News

MEDIA ALERT!!! (#2) . . . Help wage a 90-day war on the Media . . . HERE'S THE LIST

Media Study Group: CATO Report on "Media Mistakes" in Election 2000

Media Study Group: CMPA's Media Monitor Reports on How TV News Covered the General Election Campaign

Media: The Players 10/03/1999

Missed Manners and Creeping Laws

MRC Dinner Photos

My Eyewitness Account form Palm Beach & Ground Zero

National policy on energy badly needed

NBC Nightly News puts President Bush in the crosshairs [for an instant, anyways]

NBC Nightly News puts President Bush in the crosshairs [for an instant, anyways]

NBC/ABC Warfare Survival Skills Links

Networks Stole Bush's Popular Vote

New Nasa/CSA Monitor Provides Global Air Pollution View From Space

Nuclear, Biological, & Chemical Warfare- Survival Skills, Pt. II

Okay Environmentalists, Time to Pay Up

Old Allies Now Foes In Alaska Oil Battle:Environmentalists Come Under Fire...........


Oregano Oil May Protect Against Drug-Resistant Bacteria, Georgetown Researcher Finds

Participate in Class Action Lawsuit against VNS and Major Media

Past Cooling Trend Caused By Move From Forests To Agriculture


Physics and the Mind of God: The Templeton Prize Address

POLL BEGS 4 FREEPING!: Did the recount decision (Bush vs. Gore)hurt the Supreme Court's credibility?

President-elect Bsuh hard title for press to say

Pruden on Politics: Resisting Arithmetic of the Mock Turtle

Rad-Green -- Radical anti-capitalist environmental discussion (Barf Alert)

Republicans Dismiss Daschle 'Proposal' on ANWR

Republicans launch effort to attract Catholics

Resignations Rock Catholic University of Dallas

Revised & Updated! -- THE LEXICON OF FREEREPUBLIC -- (FR dictionary, more help for newcomers!)

Russia, China team up in Asia: Prepare for expected offensive by militant Islamic forces

Scooby Doo is President!

Section 4: Terrorist Intelligence Operations

Sen. Edwards, the Breck Girl, BLUSHED! VP Cheney: "Senator, I never met you until tonight."

Simplified Antibiotic recommendations for prevention of Anthrax/ Biological Warfare bugs

Soldiers of Islam: Origins, Ideology and Strategy of the Taliban

Stalin's Secret Pogrom

Students, Welcome to "Anti-Marxist Taxation 101"

Supreme Court decision sent media into frenzy

Swedish Bikini Team Lands in Afghanistan

Ten more hard truths about liberals

Text of Abolition of Free Political Speech Act.

The "Harm to the Eco-System" is Mostly Propaganda for Fund-Raising

The Biggest LIE:Global Warming as the Great Reds' Green Hoax

The Catholic Vote

The Catholic Voter: Your REsponsibiltites

The Galileo of Global Warming: An Editorial

The Last Totalitarians - It’s not a completely new war.

The Left's Environmental Zealots

The Libertarian Lobe

The Muslim Voice: American Muslims "Think Being American Means Voting Republican"

The Poor Man's Capitalist: Hernando de Soto


The Stand at Klamath Falls - Full Account

The Ultimate Flame - (mildly offensive!)

Thomas Jefferson's 1793 Report On Trade

Time for a Coordinated Response to Media Bias- Free Republic Can Lead the Charge

Today's Katherine Harris Campaign Update, 5/2/02

Tortured data confesses: Data on ocean warming proves that President was right to kill the Kyoto

Transcript of President Bush's Homily at the National Pryer service at National Cathedral

UN "HRC" Is a Very bad Joke; Possibly the Worst Joke in the World

US Agency Asked to Investigate TV Election Calls

VA VA VOOM! Bombshells Not Always Blondes

Vile Media Make Snide Remarks About Bush - Rather, Jennings, More

VOTE for the Media Bias Outrage of the MONTH for September

VP Cheney's Comments on the WAR on Terrorism to the GOP Governors': First-hand account:

What Makes Mainstream Media Mainstream? (Welcome to the FR media study group)

What Makes Mainstream Media Mainstream? (Welcome to the FR media study group)

What's your favorite Free Republic thread...and why?

Which conservative college for my son?

Who are the best conservative academics? (Shameless vanity)

Who Controls the Media, and Why

Who is your top candidate from Hollywood or the "News Media" for the First US Artificial Human Brain

Why Women Lean Toward Socialism

Yale, 0; Truth, 2: Gore's Legal & Expert Team Utterly Destroyed

Yale, 0; Truth, 2: Gore's Legal & Expert Team Utterly Destroyed

[Florida Secretary Of State] Harris pleaded with networks