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Kagan, Obama, and the Harvard Legacy of Literary Fraud

2006 FREEREPUBLIC LEXICON (Lingo, Dictionary, Lore Handbook)

45 Communist Goals (are there any that haven't been achieved?)

50 things you didn't know about Disneyland

A journey through hallowed ground


A Shining City On The Hill No Longer?

America College of Pediatrics reaches decision:Transgenderism is Child Abuse

America the Beautiful narrated by the Duke

Americans Lose $68 Billion to Illegals

Aunt Hillary's "Plantation" Pancakes

Ayn Rand and the Tea Party Protests

Behind the Scenes of a ZOT!

Chat Room Chatter Draws Lawsuit

Communist Goals (1963)

Communist Goals (1963)

County finds unexpected $309 million

Debunking the Myths Surrounding Illegal Immigration

Democratic what's new?


Don't Shoot! I'm Che!

Drawing the Line for Mormons: A Closer Look at the LDS Church

Election Determines Fate of Nation (A Must Read)

EUROPE - THY NAME IS COWARDICE (German Publisher Speaks the Truth!)

Everything You Ever Needed to Know about the Left’s View of Income Inequality,

GDP growth under Obama was worst in decades

Get Off His Back


HENRY LOUIS GATES Jr.: Ending the Slavery Blame-Game ("90 percent...were enslaved by Africans")

Here are 10 good reasons why the global-warming issue can be put to rest

Horowitz vs. Burke [the third conversation with leftists about the nature of the left]

How to post a thread and other interesting facts, part II. (Welcome Newbies)

HTML Bootcamp (or Wow, how did they do that?)

Huffington Post Accidentally Destroys The Left's Entire 'Tax Fairness' Argument

I'm Not Watching

Immunology in the spotlight at the Dover 'Intelligent Design' trial

Is Barack Obama Anti-American? Barack Obama is trying to destroy America's essence

Islam, a Religion of Peace®? Some links...

Let Us (Chuckle ! Guffaw ! ) Praise Che Guevara

Luther and Erasmus: The Controversy Concerning the Bondage of the Will

Luther and Erasmus: The Controversy Concerning the Bondage of the Will (the best FR thread ever)

Meeting The Hate - ("liberalism IS hate!" - Superb analysis of the left's aggression!)

Message from a Time Traveler

Mi Casa Is NOT Your Casa

Michael Moore denies owning Halliburton!

More Dummy Rant

Myth vs. Fact: (You cannot deport 12 million people) Oh Yes You Can!

Nearly 200 Dems Vote Against Bill to Protect Babies Who Survive Abortions

NEWBIE HELP: [Links To The Best Help Threads]

Obama Hijacks Christianity to Defend Islam

Of Cannibals and Kings (Liberals are eating their kings - VDH)

Opponents Of Capital Punishment Have Blood On Their Hands (Dennis Prager On The Death Penalty Alert)

Petition Project (Sorry Al, over 17,000 scientists declare global warming a lie)

Post 47 and RaTHergate - The story of how CBS was caught perpetrating a hoax on the American People

Prayers for my 24 year old kittie -- she is not doing well

Remember these attacks on Bush?

Rep. Kucinich: "Hezbollah has a right to exist"

Report: 485 Scientific Papers Published in 2017 Undermine Supposed ‘Consensus’ on Climate Change

Scientific Illiteracy and the Partisan Takeover of Biology

Small Government R.I.P.

Swedish Man Dies After Having Sex With Hornet’s Nest

Terror Group Sets Up US Border Hot line

The 46 Best-ever Freeware Utilities

The 46 Best-ever Freeware Utilities

The Declaration of Dependence

The eight GOP turncoats who voted for the largest tax increase (cap and trade) in world history.

The Ignoramus Americus

The Jewish Vote explained crystal clear

The Mystery of Barack Obama Continues

The Obama Camp Tried to Delegitimize Natural Born Requirements Prior To Elections

The Real History of the Crusades (2002)

The Tucson Massacre’s Hall Of Shame: Leftists Who Used Tragedy To Smear The Right

The Wisdom of Selected Staff Officers - one liner summaries

The Wretch That is Patrick Fitzgerald (song parody)

There will be no recount in PA - Jill Stein Perpetuating Election Fraud



Untying the immigration knot

Voyeur Heaven: finding interesting video, sound and image files in unprotected directories

We're All Inner-City Blacks Now


Who are the Moral Free Riders?

Why Mickelson Will Never Win Another Major

World Trade Center

Would like freeper help -- orogin of Stuned Beeber

Year One List: 81 major Trump achievements, 11 Obama legacy items repealed