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Why in the world would I choose such an easy name to be attacked? Well, it isn't as obvious as all that...

I chose it years before — an independent chain of events led me to the “2003” (obviously several years before 2003).

The "Freedumb" part was a bit more conscious. It is a bit smart-alecky (which follows my personality), but also I wanted to convey the idea that I am “dumb” in terms of having so much to learn, from so many who know so much (I can't BEGIN to list those FReepers who have educated me and those who have schooled me).

I will take my arguments, and my knowledge, to the precipice with anyone — but, when I have been bested, I try to acknowledge that (difficult when I brick-wall myself into a corner but I somehow survive even those).

I always feel sad when folk post "well, you certainly are living up to your name" or similar. It is a sign that Conservatives have lost the ability to reason and debate and just go for the liberal low ring of ad hominem.

I also am a "charter member" of the Undead Thread: UT II (Bride/Son of UT) The Original UT

This is my definition of the somewhat amorphous Tea Party (from thread -- I have posted it here at the suggestion of krunkygirl):

Why do people have such a problem understanding the Tea Party? We stand for:

What sane person could be AGAINST these?

Note: I was trying to summarize our commonalities. This is mine -- YMMV.

The most erudite and intellectually exciting discussion on Christianity ever (very long but a lot to be learned -- even after all these years I go back to it to reread): Luther and Erasmus: The Controversy Concerning the Bondage of the Will

Good tagline material:

The following are the retired taglines: