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163 examples of Obama’s lying, lawbreaking, corruption, cronyism, hypocrisy, waste, & other misdeeds

20 Years of Bias From ABC’sPeter Jennings

3 ex-employees of abortionist may face death

37+ Job Hunting Tools Online

99 Balloons

A Shreveport Judge's Report on Iraq

A Thanksgiving Message to All 57 States (Sarah Palin Responds to 'North Korea' Media Smear)

Another POW, Same Story

Another Way Computer-Savvy FReepers can PREVENT Vote Fraud TODAY! (Graveyard Voting)

Atlanta Library Discrimination

ATLANTA RALLY FOR AMERICA! Estimated crowd of 25,000! PICS!

Bin Laden Planning Attacks on India ?

Blix to Make Demand on Iraqi Missiles

Book reopens Kerry's war wounds ( New Book questions Kerry's Nam injuries, etc)

Census Samplers Fire Warning Shot

Chamberlin Bonior -McDormick

Children Die Beneath Mugabe's Bulldozer

Christians Who Don't Celebrate Easter: What Do They Know?

Churchill Was Right (Anti-Socialist Speech from 1945)

CIA building case 2001 anthrax attacks were international terror plot

Clark Alleges White House Pushed CNN to Fire Him

Clinton's Bin Laden-Gate: Did You Know...?

Clinton-Era Reports Cited Saddam-bin Laden Ties

Contains great 1998 WMD quotes.

Daschel puts foot in mouth

Don't Fear the FReeper

Donald Trump proud to be a birther (good toons)

Embracing Enemies: "End of the Spear"

Four 'blood-red' total lunar eclipses will fall on Passover and Sukkot in 2014 and 2015

Frequently Misspelled Words on FR (Vanity)

Garbage of the North

Gen. Clark: Saddam Not a Criminal

George Bush Action Figure

GOP challenges Clinton on oversight

Great Congressional Apportionment News for Republicans from Census!

Help Build Anti-Kerry Web Site?

Hollywood Furious with Deck of Weasels

Home Invaders Shout "FBI! FBI!"

How did our cool weather get logged by NOAA as hot?

I'll go Green when These CO2 Generators are banned!

Israel to build fences on West Bank border

Jim Robinson Has Given Us Permission to start a Digg page

John Kerry and Teresa Heinz Kerry Homes

Kerry and Teresa Heinz Kerry (no pics)

Life, Liberty, Respect: Is This Too Much For The Palestinians To Ask For?

LIVE THREAD: Spaceship One Launch

Mandatory evacuation ordered for New Orleans (Please keep this post - BUSH ORDERED EVACUATION!)


McDermott accuses Bush of plotting to be Emperor

Mother of fallen SEAL says she still supports the war

Need to Read - Who is controlling the propaganda in the media? (vanity)

NYC Blackout Images and Captions

Obama agency rules Pepsi use of cells derived from aborted fetus ‘ordinary business’

Obama Jokes

Obama office adores psychotic Marxist thug (Houston) - Che Chavara

Obroma on health bill: 'I own (the Deathcare™ Crap Sandwich)'

One Slim Win After Another for Bush (Bolton)

Online Rumor Mill Spins Its Own Myth('s leftwing bias undercuts its credibility)

PICTORIAL EXPOSE: Democrats - Communists Link Revealed

Pictures of shared grief around the world.

Pin blame on feds for mucking things up

Poland Lashes Out at France; "What Gaul!"

Pop Goes the Weasley!


Rush Calls Hillary a "screaming witch"

Saddam behind 9/11 ? 40% of Americans ARE RIGHT to think so

Sarah Palin Isn't Cooperating- good pic of Obi and the elementary

Seven Step Campaign To Get The Dem Memo Story Out

Shazam! John Kerry Lookalikes

Sick: Kiddie suicide bomber chic

Solzhenitsyn Biographer: Cross-In-Dirt Gulag Story Never Happened

Tanzanian newspaper reports that Obama has “origins from East Africa” OBAMA “ROOTS OUTSIDE COUNTRY”

The New Kook Test

The News We (CNN) Kept To Ourselves

the Obama Golf Tracking Project

Top Racist Democrat Quotes

Turnipseed - Bush AWOL refutted once again.

U.S. Confident of Broad Coalition in Case of War

Wesley Clark Admits He Lied

Wesley Clark: The Guy Who Almost Started World War III

What did Adolf Hitler think about Christianity?

What is communism? [YouTube video of old Philbrick film]

What Will Clinton Do to Upstage Bush

When the Dungeon Doors Swing Open...

WINSTON CHURCHILL (on Appeasement, Leftists, Islam, Socialism, etc.)

WTC IMAGES ONLY (slow thread)

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