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"Creatures Out of the Dark Ages Have Come Marching Into the Present..."

Bob Hope, Dead at 100!

Buzz Aldrin Punches a Loony

Call the White House!

Doing Business With the Airport X-Ray Screeners

E-MAIL FROM A CAPTAIN IN IRAQ: "It was a great moment, and I will never forget it."

Free Republic Priority One: Defending the Constitution

GOTTA SEE THIS-WarEndur.Freedom 12/16/03-Iraqis celebrate Saddam's capture

How Jim Fulton Saved the Space Shuttle

How the West Wasn't Won - NAFA

I Want To Be A PowerPoint Ranger

I, Pencil

Mars Odyssey Science Data Archive


Personal Retreat - Areas of Texas

Revealed: U.N.'s Plan for World Government

Robert A. Heinlein: A Biographical Sketch

Roswell Anniversary 2003 - Larry King Interview

Senate Historian Botched Newly-Released Data on McCarthy

StarTrek: What Armed Service is Most Like Starfleet?

Straight Vermonter's Freeper Homepage

The eagerness to take out Hussein

The Sword of Jesus

Tolkien & Civilization [Gimli on our generational challenge]

We are in a Quagmire alright

Why are Our Imaginations Retreating from Science and Space, and into Fantasy?

Young Men Like This! [Fighting for US!]