Since Aug 9, 2000

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I am a fully reformed liberal. My liberal days ended when I saw how brutally and unfairly the liberal newspapers were attacking George Bush senior following the Gulf War. I got very depressed at the time because although I was born and raised in north FL, I was then living in the Boston area, and it's very hard to find non-liberals of any kind there. My depression lifted when I discovered Rush Limbaugh. He really gave me hope. He is also the one who mentioned Free Republic, which I then investigated. It has taken me a while to understand this site. At first I was confused and sometimes even dismayed over the way certain threads just disappeared. I still don't really understand that phenomenon in certain cases. I do wish some of the posters were a little less quick to pass judgment. It's easy, especially on the Internet, to say harsh or hurtful things, but it's not necessary. It takes longer to really understand and appreciate where a person is coming from and to respond in a respectful, circumspect way, but the results are almost always worth the effort.

My other interests are theology (I'm a Christian) philosophy, and writing. Some of my favorite authors are C. S. Lewis, Faulkner, Mann, and Wodehouse. I also love to write, especially Christian fantasy. [Note: I'm almost always looking for good beta readers. If you like Christian fantasy and related genres, and you'd like to read an unpublished ms and tell me what you think, please don't hesitate to PM me. Thank you in advance!]