Since Nov 15, 2011

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Am I someone you might know? Do I look familiar to you? Maybe I’m a TV personality. Did I teach your kids in school? I’m often told that I have a familiar face, but usually people are wrong, and we really don’t know each other.

Don’t be fooled by my joined date. This is my second FReeper name. I lost my sign in credentials after an absence and then a move. IIRC, I started lurking around 1999 or 2000, and officially joined around 2003.

I’m originally from Gainesville, FL. I enjoy Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, in part, because Tom wrote a lot about Gainesville, the South, and his life. We have a lot in common, and he (they) never knew it.

Here’s the official audio version of “Gainesville”


If you want to know more about my Tom Petty favorites, or about Gainesville (of old), shoot me a message.