Since Aug 3, 2003

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So... about me... I'm a high school student at Eldorado High School in Albuquerque, NM. I got interested in political stuff when I joined our speech and debate team (which is crazy-liberal, by the way, like the rest of New Mexico, except for maybe Los Alamos).

I participate in chess, speech and debate, sciencebowl, GNHS, math club (we ratified it under the name "Ministry for Numerical Literacy") and the New Mexico supercomputing challenge.

Oh, and I also am on the flag team, which means I toss wooden rifles and metal polls high into the air and make a valiant effort at catching them. Unfortunately, motor control is not my forte, so I generally jam a finger or hit myself at least once a day. As it happens, I am now in the habit of loading up on tylenol before every practice. But, hey, I love it, and the girls are all incredibly nice. There are also a few other guys besides myself, and they are all on the chess team! (random kewl demographic information)

School keeps me pretty busy. Five out of nine of my classes are AP, so I try and compensate by not doing any work in them. :p

Anyway, most liberals would probably describe me as a fundamentalist nutcase. Well, I'm certainly fundie... I believe every last Word of the Lord (as given by the original autographa). But as for nutcase, well, I would not stand by anything that was not well-reasoned. I have been influenced heavily by the great German philospher Immanuel Kant who I started reading freshman year. Even though Kant himself did not stay entirely true to pure reason, that's where a acquired my skills of rationcination. Since then, I have spent a bit of time with philosophers, and although most of them are kooks, their contribution to my reasoning abilities have proven invaluable.

The reason I happen to mention this is because, yes, I am a Creationist, and at the mention of the term most atheists and an unfortunate number of Christians will immediately become dismissive. Well, I have looked at the evidence, I even used to weight it toward the side of evolution, but it has come to the point where I can say nigh-definitively that Darwinian evolution as an origination of life is bunk.

(by the way, I have been ranting for a long while now, just because I can, don't press on if you're anticipating that anything more interesting will develop)

One of the clinchers, perhaps a little ironically, comes from a video I saw in AP Biology called "Sexual Encounters of the Floral Kind". In one section it described a really cool orchid that is pollenated by one special type of beatal. Now this is the cool part: The beatel is attracted by the flowers nectar. Sometimes, one of the beatles will fall into a sort of trap at the base of the flower in which it secretes a slippery liquid. The beatle can't climb up the sides of the flower, and in order to keep from drowning must escape through a small tunnel. As it gets near the end of the tunnel, however, it is suddenly trapped again, this time by the contraining force of the flower. The flower now places two small packets of polen on the beatles back. The beatle is held for about 10 minutes while the glue sets. Then it gets free and may thus distribute the polen to other flowers.

Now, mama didn't raise no fool. That didn't happen by coordinated random mutations.

But I think I'll postpone the rest of my ranting til after graduation. My profile will need updating then anyway. I'm probably just talking to myself at any event...