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"Islam's LAST Chance"--(Make up your minds)

Allah Must Be Proud

Ben Stein's Last Column

Calling all FR Veterans

Election Night Results Links (Battleground States)

Election Night Tools, Track'em and Rack'em !

Good versus Evil. Get used to it.

Is HealthCare a Right?

Killing the Class-Warfare Argument

Links to Battleground State Election Results

LIVE THREAD: 2004 Presidential Election Results

Mark Steyn: 'Send me my checks till I'm dead' -

Miscellaneous Jokes

Never Forget


Probe reconstructs horror, calculated attacks on planes

The Legal Endgame

The people's right to know

Update on Underwater Megalithic

USA Today county by county map posted

Victor Davis Hanson: The Brink of Madness. A familiar place

Warning Signs - Will they leave?

What To Do If The Police Stop You

When doctors say sorry, but nobody's to blame


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