Since Apr 11, 2006

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< Iraq and Vietnam are a lot alike since the capture of Sadamm H. We are not advancing our position, and our troops are paying for the same real estate day after day with American lives. How can anyone tout the security argument when the US borders are being overun here at home? Sorry, - but I for one think the Government wastes a lot of lives all for the sake of a military industrial complex. Bring the troops home from Iraq and station them on the US borders. Put the Middle east on notice that deploying troops will be our last option from now on. Our first option will be to use our Nuclear arsenal. They might want to keep that in mind before starting up any new terror training camps. That’s all I’m going to say. I love my country and will defend her to the death should any real threat arise against my homeland. If I go to war..............I go to win. At any cost!