Since Dec 15, 2010

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“If U.S. troops are not in Afghanistan the Taliban will come to power,”
obviously. ...whether we leave tomorrow, or 10 years from now, that is exactly what will happen.

because we have not changed the culture, as we did in Germany and Japan, after WW2.
...instead, we build mosques, and purchase Qurans, and help them make a constitution with sharia as it’s core, that REQUIRES converts from Islam to be killed.
(and, at the same time, we forbid our troops to give Bibles, even as free gifts.)

we change nothing. except to make them stronger MUSLIM nations, with bigger and better trained armies.
...it is sad, when a comic like Ann Coulter understands this, and officials don’t.

= = =

and i do have an unusual understanding of Islam. I studied it for many years.
(special thanks to Spencer, Chesler, Bostom, and especially Ali Sina.
and i also read a lot by Muslims on their OWN Islamic sites).

...but since Muslims are allowed to lie to kuffirs, HOW can you learn, which side is telling the truth?

there is one way... they WILL tell the truth to a "brother".

so, for many reasons, not least for the woman i loved and wanted to bring to Jesus,
i briefly went on the other side of the taquiyya wall...
(it was fascinating - and terrifying - to hear a top Imam admit, all the things C.A.I.R. spokesmen in the MSM deny...)