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If you are not part of Yisrael, by one means or another, you will not be saved.

Most of white Europeans are genetically the House of Israel, but not all of genetic Israel is part of Yisrael, the assembly of Yeshua.

Hereby know Yisrael:

They ‘confess’ Yeshua among men.

They ‘confess’ his Torah, and keep his Sabbath.

Yeshua said his yoke is ‘easy,’ and it surely is, but he also said that “few there be that will find” his narrow way.

Narrow, only because it is defined by his scriptures, not by the whim of man.

Common Churchianity is the broad path of which he spoke, that leads to destruction. Broad because it is defined by men, not by his scriptures.

Jeremiah is speaking of the assembly, which many mistakenly call “the church.” There is no church, only his ancient
assembly that includes all of the faith since Adam.

All of that assembly will be, by the grace of Yehova, saved at the last trump, the event that ends Satan’s tribulation of the saints, as Paul told the Corinthians, and the Thessalonians.