Since Aug 21, 2000

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Resident of Bucks County, Pennsylvania — a beautiful and historic area just north of Philadelphia.

Bucks County is one of those 50-50 bellweather districts which, like other suburban areas, has turned into a slight Democrat registration edge as the older (some would say tired) Republican leaders continue to cling onto the ‘old way’ of doing politics.

The local newspaper is adamantly pro-Obama.... and pro-ANYthing they believe will help the Democrat cause.

As a former newspaper reporter, I saw first hand the way local news was (is) formed and generated ... and it’s certainly not a trustworthy process.

It’s no secret that the questions a reporter or journalist ask are based entirely on the (mostly false) PERCEPTIONS that are engrained in the mind of each individual writer.

That is what we have to change if we expect to change the media in America.