Ed Condon
Since Dec 1, 1997

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Age 78, Two grown kids. Have one grandchild, Audriana,(21).
Now retired, and plan to move to Florida, someday. Our fifth kitty, Gotcha, went to Rainbow Bridge. March 7, 2011, our kitty, Heidi, joined Gotcha on May 1, 2014. Our NFC imposter, Olaf Hagar VonWeegie joined his two companions on February 20, 2015. Radar, our "tabby aby" left this mortal coil on September 10, 2015. He did a great job of beating the Grim Reaper, for over 17 years, since he was born with two perforated ventricles, and was only expected to live about six months. He also beat hyperthyroidism after "Radiocat" nuclear treatment. March 1st, 2016 we lost our kitty named Angel. These five will join the others, Cordelia, Mrs.Wiggles, Muff, Pouncer, and Pumpkin, and wait for us at "Rainbow Bridge". It's going to be unusual to not have a companion animal after sharing our home with them for over 30 years.

Well it didn't take long, on March 20th (my birthday), a black and white male kitty that had been mostly abandoned decided to visit us, and then move in. He had been taken care of by a neighbor who foster cares for a shelter. He's about 12 years old and the Vet finds he is in good health. We call him "Buddy".

On May 28, 2019, Buddy joined the other kitties that had been our companions. He had developed glaucoma and was blind in one eye. He also was in early stages of renal failure, so he was euthanized, so he or we would not have to suffer.