Since Nov 5, 1999

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I am guilty of sin that is worthy of death
But I am loved by the One who has given us breath
He sent His own Son to die in my place
Through my faith I am saved by His wonderful grace

The Roman Road to Salvation

Founding member of the Heart of Texas Chapter of FreeRepublic.com


Freep Hillary Austin Texas March 16, 2007

[Bill]Clinton FReeped by Heart of Texas Chapter(Austin) After Action Report[05/05/05]

After Action Report Austin, TX 3/19/05 freeping the anti-war protesters

Austin, Texas CBS FReep Report 9/23/04

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Hillary book signing freep Austin, Texas 12/5/03

United Nations Day - Protest Austin, Texas 10/24 6PM

AFTER ACTION REPORT:Texas Chicken Run FReep 8/9/03

Freeped the Dixie Chicks in Austin, TX 5/21/03

Counterprotest of Leftist Showdown in Austin Texas:OPERATION INFINITE FREEP 5/4/03

Austin Rally 3/30/03 after action report

Texas conservatives, Republicans protest Clinton speech (FreeRepublic.com mentioned)


Austin's "Freep the Creep" After Action Report

Anti-war protest draws about 1,500 in Austin (plus two Freepers for counter-demonstration)-10/05/02

Crawford Texas CounterFReep Report-8/24/02

Rally For America Reports from Austin Texas[Operation Infinite Freep]-11/13/01