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Another Virus from Foshan University?

Bushwhacking Johnny

Chaplet of Divine Mercy

CHRIST COMPLEX - Interview with actor Jim Caviezel

Communist Goals (1963) My title, The reason the media is biased in favor of un-American attitudes.

Congress Mulls Probe of Communists' Ties to Appeasement Movement, Radical Islam

Hillary Clinton's Mystery Thesis (circa 1969)

Holy See's Condemnation of Nazism Came Early: ZENIT Discovers 1934 Document Regarding the Index

Kwanzaa: A Holiday From The FBI (Trent call your office, Christians are down memory hole) Coulter

Open Letter To All Those Who Function In The Mainstream News Media (Abortion/Breast cancer link)


Saint Robert Bellarmine[Patron of Catechists]

SARS Threads and Information

Seventh Circuit Issues Landmark Decision for Parental Rights Against Abusive Social Workers

Socialization of homeschoolers

The real reason the state opposes homeschooling

Transforming America: Henry Lamb on environmental extremists trashing property rights