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Well I am still here as a freeper only because this is the only conservative website I will look at and only so rarely comment on! I use to contribute more often but as of now my dollars are limited but still know this is where I started a long time ago to find true conservatives and I’m still here! I don’t usually comment much but been busy working a lot at such a late age after my divorce but,the Good news! I’m one of the top sales of my job in a big company of retail! Ha! After being a homemaker/wife/mom went to work immediately and within a year of 2009-2015 top sales for my company! I’m very proud of my accomplishments but still want more for my worth! I live to work although I have a beautiful family!Three beautiful daughters and 5 grandchildren plus two from one daughter’s marriage! I am and always a conservative before anything! The First President I was old enough to vote for was Ronald Reagan! I believe we all work hard and get what we put into our lively hood is what we should get back in return! Sounds simple but as the years go by,nothing in return for your hard work is returned! I’m now divorced woman that pays so much in taxes ,well its crazy and wrong! I own my home but still pay my mortage note monthly! I still drive a 10 year old SUV! I know that horrible gas guzzler! Ha! I love my Suv,but my salary is still stagnated but my costs have increased!I of course got another raise because of my excellance! Mind you,I’m not bragging.I made myself a name here in this company because who I am! I am privileged to be in our Country where my mom and dad worked to only exceed all expectations! I Was Fortunate and lived THE American dream with my parents! They owned their own business and worked liked crazy and left its mark! My sister is a Business owner and I’m a 55 year old woman who excells at everything after not working for almnost 20 years! Wow! End of this is to say I love Jim Robinson for all his work and this site! Without this true site for conservatism,I would be lost! Thank You! djstex always!
On a personal note as we all have struggles, this is mine! I have a beautiful hard working son-in-law married to my youngest Daughter! Ryan Maurer Is his name and he is an amazing young man! I say this because I’ve known him for so many years! He met my Daughter way back in 2006! Any way short end of story, he has a terminal brain tumor! It’s where we are as a family! Ryan and Lauren with my youngest grandson are in Houston at MD Anderson for the next 6 weeks! Lauren Married this Awesome Ryan and they have a beautiful Baby Abram ,2 years old Now! I’m telling all this on here to let all know! I raised my daughters well, they are conservatives and they pay their way but in return! Their INSURANCE IS NOT ENOUGH@ WOW!! SO HATE HOW THIS HAS BECOME a situation that we pay in but we get nothing in return when we need it! Well it’s a big fat fact because I’m witnessing it! My children just as I have work and pay our way and look for no hand outs! BUT BAM YOU GET HIT WITH CANCER AT 28! Now what!! I’m proud of these two! Lauren and Ryan put all their faith in GOD! Thank YOU GOD for their complete faith! ( I may need this,add myself a new tagline for future! GOPe is spinning junk about Trump, because we like his SPUNK! Trump may not be all that to many conservatives, but he sure as hell does not pander to get you to like him for votes! UPDATE DECEMBER 28,2015.. My Beautiful Son-In-Law RYAN Brain Tumor has SHRUNK! God is indeed listening to many prayers! This was against ALL Odds! Thanks and keep on Praying for All that have a terminal disease! God looks out for us all. Power of Prayer is Powerful! My update 2022 and yes it's been awhile. Ryan now had stage four and his brain cancer has spread. We always had hope and faith against all odds,but as of today we all seek a miracle. I say this update on behalf of all,that we must seek GOD to help us through what we cannot control. My Sweet Family and many people in our lives and those they don't know Ryan at the age of 35 is still praying and supporting his life Through The Power of Prayer. God Bless You All.