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diatomite is diatomaceous earth. I drilled out vast reserves (decades worth) at the end of my career. If you have flat paint from the last three decades, you probably have DE in it that I proved out.

I’ve lurked here on FreeRep since before Bill and Monica. Tried to sign up twice since that time but something went wrong and I moved back to lurking mode.

II was one of the last draftees. Due to a technical foul-up, I probably was the last draftee to ETS in Dec,’74; however, some hasty backdating “proved” that I was out after only two-years service instead of the actual 26 months.

I run a personal weather station at https://tceweather.com . There is no evidence of global warming in my data for this century. One reason I joined FreeRep is there are some really smart people here.

visited 42 states (84%)