Since Mar 15, 2020

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diatomite is diatomaceous earth. I drilled out vast reserves (decades worth) at the end of my career. If you have flat paint from the last three decades, you probably have DE in it that I proved out.

I’ve lurked here on FreeRep since before Bill and Monica. Tried to sign up twice since that time but something went wrong and I moved back to lurking mode.

I’m a ten-year myeloma and dialysis survivor. Cancer killed my kidneys. Very, very few people with my conditions live that long. The majority die within two years. In one big Dutch study, no one made it past seven years. It helps to be as tough as nails. Myeloma patients with kidney function really only have mildloma. Loss of renal function makes surviving 10X harder. I've had roughly +210 oncologist/infusion visits vs. at least 1600 dialysis sessions.

I was one of the last draftees. Due to a technical foul-up, I probably was the last draftee to ETS in Dec,’74; however, some hasty backdating “proved” that I was out after only two-years service instead of the actual 26 months.

I run a personal weather station at https://tceweather.com . There is no evidence of global warming in my data for this century.

One reason I joined FreeRep is there are some really smart people here.