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It's obvious to anyone with half a brain that Mueller and his bff Comey are trying to do a coup against Trump and that is called treason : the penalty for that is death by hanging.

Anyone who thinks Mueller and Commey 2 Washington swamp creatures have a shred of honesty in them needs to have their head examined. These kind of goons put innocent people like Scooter Libby, Tom Delay , and Martha Stewert in prison for political reasons and because of fake news. I guess that's ok with you too.

Trump saved us from the Abyss. The only reason any of you have freedom , a free Internet, and property is because of Trump who is massively reducing the millions of pages of government regulations Clinton,Bush and Obama added:

Obama and Clinton and Bush were adding close to 100,000 pages of government regulations per year . Continuing that with Pence or Hillary will destroy America completely.

This Trump colluded with Russia hoax is an attempted coup by the news media and the democrat party. It is sedition and treason. The penalty for treason is death by hanging

Trump risked it all to save America from a fate worse than death a Hillary Clinton socialist dictatorship. All Americans owe their rights, freedom and even right to own property to Trump and his great sacrifice. Trump didn't have to do this to become the media punching bag. He had the best life possible before this. Now TRump is the news media punching bag. He's taking it all for us Americans to keep us free and make America Great Again and prosperous again.

Democrats will have us totally outnumbered and with voter fraud in 4 years will be unstoppable.

A democrat socialist or Michele obama will be our next president in 4 years and undo all that President Trump did unless we immediately start work on or get the message to President Trump to : 1. Repeal the 1965 immigration act 2. national voter id to cut democrat voter fraud which is the millions of votes

President Trump has to change the 1965 immigration act so he can get a 2nd term . 8 Years of Trump = America great for generations. 3 days of Trump and you already see what has done without any power

Hillary lost even with 10 million fake votes from illegals and dead people. Trump beat massive voter fraud(see below how to fix this) and basically the whole world aligned against him . It was the miracle of our lifetimes now we have a chance but have to first fix massive democrat voter fraud . With voter fraud and more immigrants Michele Obama or another democrat/socialist will be our next president in 4 years . This democrat will undo all that President Trump will do . It’s because of the 1965 immigration act will give them millions more immigrant voters from the 3rd world and because of voter fraud. See below for how to combat this or all we have is 4 years. It’s simple math we barely won this.

Democrats will have us totally outnumbered and with voter fraud in 4 years will be unstoppable.

A democrat socialist , or Michele obama will be our next president in 4 years and undo all that President Trump did unless we immediately start work on or get the message to President Trump to : 1. Repeal the 1965 immigration act 2. national voter id to cut democrat voter fraud which is the millions of votes

President Trump has to change the 1965 immigration act so he can get a 2nd term . 8 Years of Trump = America great for generations. 3 days of Trump and you already see what has done without any power.

Hillary promised executive amnesty to 40 million illegals in her first 100 days as President. This proves Hillary is 1 million times worse than Obama.

And Hillary plans to dissolve the U.S. border first 100 days:

that means 10’s of millions of more voters for Hillary/socialism. Hillary is worse than ObAMA AND Chavez combined. If Hillary wins America is done and will become Venezuela . They have no food nor medicine in Venezuela now because of socialism. it doesn’t work. Also Hillary will implement single payer healthcare. Google all that I say here while the Internet is still in U.S. hands to see what I say here is true. . and all that don’t do everything to stop Hilliary it’s what they are doing is destroying America.

Trump outlined his immigration policy in a speech. Ann coulter said that was the greatest speech she ever heard and I agree. why don’t you all read it or see it? All Americans have to unite to defeat Hillary the communist = Chavez

Help spread all this message above to all Americans . Hillary is 1 million times worse than Obama .

Trump is one in a trillion as his speech for the ages on immigration proved.

Trump is the only one that understands ALL of these things: How the Political Federal Reserve will crash the stock Market when they raise interest rates they have kept near zero for years to help Obama, China currency devaluation, How NAFTA TPP and gov regulations are sending our companies to other countries as he said in the first debate, and many more things only Trump understands . Trump is one in a trillion .

Trump destroyed Hillary in the debate.

Undecideds going 3:1 for Trump after the debate

Trump is the only one that understands ALL of these things: How the Political Federal Reserve will crash the stock Market when they raise interest rates they have kept near zero for years to help Obama, China currency devaluation, How NAFTA TPP and gov regulations are sending our companies to other countries as he said last night, and many more things only Trump understands . Trump is one in a trillion

If you made $100,000 per year after taxes then you could buy anything you could ever need in the free market because someone would produce it for money( look at the millions of products for sale on Google , internet , ebay , amazon,Walmart, Dollar Tree etc etc). So we don't need government for ANYTHING. private industry created a whole city DISNEY WORLD in Florida. So democrats create fake crisis like “global warming”,”no health insurance crisis” to justify the very existence of government and the continued growth of government(socialism)

The democrat party has taken over every institution of power in the USA. the democrat party controls the news media and all the information that the public gets. So the news is "Trayvon Martin", "Adam Lanza"(anti gun), a missing plane, Olympic luge, etc. but never the Obama IRS scandal, no Benghazi etc. with the News media the democrats have ruled this country with an iron fist for the last 100 years and so have grown government since then starting with Democrat President Woodrow Wilson who gave use the Income tax(16th ammendment) and 17 ammendment , the roots of all evil.

Government is God to democrats and they must enslave us to their God. It is like a religion to them ( “there is no God but government”). and democrats become TV reporters to spread their religion into the living rooms of a captive audience.government is force , it is evil and must be limited . abolish the IRS, EPA, FDA, HUD , gov schools , NASA etc. only leave military and border control . How else can you explain that there is no news? democrat reporters will cherry pick 1 event out of the trilions of daily events to advance their agenda of socialism.

The more government expands, the more freedom contracts and less vibrant and healthy our society becomes.

There is an enemy out there , an enemy of the individual , of freedom , of Americans an enemy of everything that is good. And that is the democrat party. The democrat party completely controls the news media.

Suppose we limited the government, all laws that make up government, to 5 pages. What would you keep?This is what is needed to keep government limited, quantify it as government is becoming unlimited. Currently there are tens of thousands of pages of laws and even more of government regulations. we’d have to limit the laws to the number of words and letters, limit it to 5000 words of laws. this is the only solution I see, quantify limited government as the founding fathers tried to limit government with the constitution but democrats have gone around the constitution the latest violation is the 3000 pages of Obamacare that already has 13,000 pages of government regulations ( there is no way the constitution intended this monstrosity )

the problem is government. Government has grown every year at every level. When has government shrunk , what year? never. every year, heck every day legislators heap more laws (Oppression ) on us and our businesses.Government at all levels needs to be scaled back and kept limited. And I think my plan is the only way. We need to spread the word to the common Joe. This is Obama and the democrats/socialists’ plan: to grow government so much that no one will be able to create new private businesses and everyone will have to work for the government. They want total power, control over everything, and all of us. If the government owns everything then they have total power. Every year thousands of pages of new government laws and regulations are being heaped upon businesses AND individuals( for example the 3000 pages of Obamacare which already spawned 13,0000 pages of government regulations).Obama needs to be defeated. The media hides every evil thing Obama does. The problem is government. We need to reduce the size of government and repeal the laws that created all this government

Deport all illegals.

Stop the illegal immigrant invasion.

Don't let any more immigrants into the U.S. and don't let any more foreign made products into the U.S.A. ( no more made in China etc): and that will save America.

Yes , and reduce the size of government(eliminate the EPA and IRS) and reduce taxes and government regulations.

Obama has sent millions of jobs to China. 20 years ago Almost all Chinese were living as they did 1000 years ago. Now by stealing U.S. technology and making all the high tech producsts we Americans use China is rising at 25% per year while the U.S. becomes the next Greece under Obama debt. Solution? Reduce government regulations, eliminate the EPA, and dont' trade with China and other countries. The U.S.A was rising when the U.S. didn't trade with China during the 40 years of the Cold war. The minute the U.S.A started Trading with China then the U.S. decline began.

Look 20 years ago, 99% of China people were living as they did 1000 years ago and the U.S. was far above any country in technology and manufacturing. Now China has left the U.S. in the dust in technology and manufacturing. This is what “free” trade with China has done: here is a short example that shows the problem:

Amazon couldn’t’t make a Kindle here if it wanted to

Decades of outsourcing manufacturing have left U.S. industry without the means to invent the next generation of high-tech products that are key to rebuilding its economy, as noted by Gary Pisano and Willy Shih in a classic article, “Restoring American Competitiveness” (Harvard Business Review, July-August 2009)

The U.S. has lost or is on the verge of losing its ability to develop and manufacture a slew of high-tech products. Amazon’s Kindle 2 couldn’t be made in the U.S., even if Amazon wanted to:

* The flex circuit connectors are made in China because the US supplier base migrated to Asia.
* The electrophoretic display is made in Taiwan because the expertise developed from producting flat-panel LCDs migrated to Asia with semiconductor manufacturing.
* The highly polished injection-molded case is made in China because the U.S. supplier base eroded as the manufacture of toys, consumer electronics and computers migrated to China.
* The wireless card is made in South Korea because that country became a center for making mobile phone components and handsets.
* The controller board is made in China because U.S. companies long ago transferred manufacture of printed circuit boards to Asia.
* The Lithium polymer battery is made in China because battery development and manufacturing migrated to China along with the development and manufacture of consumer electronics and notebook computers.

Socialism has never worked anywhere it has been tried, the Soviet Union, Cuba, North Korea, the killing Fields of Cambodia etc. . socialism /collectivism doesn't work

Why liberals/democrats are dead wrong ,why government/Socialism is 1000 less efficient than capitalism, by me: No Government, no single person, could make even a quality pencil as efficiently as free market capitalism can. In fact government/socialism is thousands of times less efficient when compare to capitalism. So democrats/marxists/media give up your big government agenda/socialism, ok? Making a pencil is a problem like any other problem that comes up on our lives. To "solve" this problem of creating a pencil a government or an individual can't just conjure up a pencil but he/it/they have to divide the more complex problem of making a pencil into simpler more manageable parts, making the eraser , painting the pencil, making the little metal band, obtaining the wood etc.

Each of those sub problems in turn becomes another set of problems so that problems keep branching out like the branches of a tree.

Making the wood for example becomes creating logging companies,creating companies that create tree cutting equipment, then you need the steel for the saws etc. , then the mining companies for the steel and the steel mill companies and so on and so on.

So you see no one individual at the head of a state or government can plan even this producing a pencil, but capitalism does this effortlessly with not just creating a pencil but millions of products, many of them new that capitalism effortlessly produces every year. The details of the end branches can never be known by an individual or a few government idiots heading a project or running an economy.

Each of those sub problems is in turn divided into another set of sub problems so that problems keep branching out like the branches of a tree.

However capitalism/free market works from the details up, bottom up not top down as in totalitarian command economy.

A single individual or a few individuals at the head of a socialist state cannot ever know all the knowledge all the details that millions of people and businesses cooperating in real time in the free market all know

That's just one reason why socialism/government can never work . coupled with that is that government idiots use other people's money and you are never as careful with other people's money as you are with your own money so if you want efficiency you need private property that is the foundation of capitalism and is banned in socialism/marxism/commumism/liberalism.

That's just 2 reasons why socialism doesn't work also,3. no competition,4. people won't work without incentive, from "each according to his need from each acording to his ability" more become needy so that they don't have to work , 6....10000 etc.

F. A. Hayek had a remarkable career pointing out the flaws in collectivism. One of his keenest insights was that, paradoxically, any collectivist system necessarily depends on one individual (or small group) to make key social and economic decisions. In contrast, a system based on individualism takes advantage of the aggregate, or 'collective,' information of the whole society; through his actions each participant contributes his own particular, if incomplete, knowledge—information that could never be tapped by the individual at the head of a collectivist state.

Hayek's book "The Road to Serfdom" ; is one of the greatest books I have ever read. Also 2 other great books are "Free To Choose" by Milton Friedman and "Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand. If every student read these books we wouldn't have the big government problems and a 3 trillion dollar annual federal budget we have.

China and the U.S.S.R have moved to private companies and now are growing economically.

President Reagan said something like: "Government can’t control the economy without controlling people. It must use force and coercion to achieve this purpose. Outside of the things that shouldn’t be done by the private sector ,Government does nothing as well or as economically as the private sector of the economy."

I agree with President Reagan and Hayek.

The Free Market can produce any need or want people have. And capitalism can do it efficiently, something that government never has done. So what do we need government for ? Only 3 things , military , border security , (law enforcement police and courts). If there is something that people want someone will produce it to make a profit . so we don’t need government for anything except what I listed.

The Power of the Market. Every day each of us uses innumerable goods and services—to eat, to wear, to shelter us from the elements, or simply to enjoy. We take it for granted that they will be available when we want to buy them. We never stop to think how many people have played a part in one way or another in providing those goods and services. We never ask ourselves how it is that the corner grocery store—or nowadays, supermarket—has the items on its shelves that we want to buy, how it is that most of us are able to earn the money to buy those goods.

It is natural to assume that someone must give orders to make sure that the "right" products are produced in the "right" amounts and available at the "right" places. That is one method of coordinating the activities of a large number of people—the method of the army. The general gives orders to the colonel, the colonel to the major, the major to the lieutenant, the lieutenant to the sergeant, and the sergeant to the private.

But that command method can be the exclusive or even principal method of organization only in a very small group. Not even the most autocratic head of a family can control every act of other family members entirely by order. No sizable army can really be run entirely by command. The general cannot conceivably have the information necessary to direct every movement of the lowliest private. At every step in the chain of command, the soldier, whether officer or private, must have discretion to take into account information about specific circumstances that his commanding officer could not have. Commands must be supplemented by voluntary cooperation—a less obvious and more subtle, but far more fundamental, technique of coordinating the activities of large numbers of people. Russia is the standard example of a large economy that is supposed to be organized by command—a centrally planned econ- 9 10 FREE TO CHOOSE: A Personal Statement omy. But that is more fiction than fact. At every level of the economy, voluntary cooperation enters to supplement central planning or to offset its rigidities—sometimes legally, sometimes illegally.' In agriculture, full-time workers on government farms are permitted to grow food and raise animals on small private plots in their spare time for their own use or to sell in relatively free markets. These plots account for less than 1 percent of the agricultural land in the country, yet they are said to provide nearly a third of total farm output in the Soviet Union (are "said to" because it is likely that some products of government farms are clandestinely marketed as if from private plots). In the labor market individuals are seldom ordered to work at specific jobs; there is little actual direction of labor in this sense. Rather, wages are offered for various jobs, and individuals apply for them—much as in capitalist countries. Once hired, they may subsequently be fired or may leave for jobs they prefer. Numerous restrictions affect who may work where, and, of course, the laws prohibit anyone from setting up as an employer—although numerous clandestine workshops serve the extensive black market. Allocation of workers on a large scale primarily by compulsion is just not feasible; and neither, apparently, is complete suppression of private entrepreneurial activity. The attractiveness of different jobs in the Soviet Union often depends on the opportunities they offer for extralegal or illegal moonlighting. A resident of Moscow whose household equipment fails may have to wait months to have it repaired if he calls the state repair office. Instead, he may hire a moonlighter—very likely someone who works for the state repair office. The householder gets his equipment repaired promptly; the moonlighter gets some extra income. Both are happy. These voluntary market elements flourish despite their inconsistency with official Marxist ideology because the cost of eliminating them would be too high. Private plots could be forbidden— but the famines of the 1930s are a stark reminder of the cost. The Soviet economy is hardly a model of efficiency now. Without the voluntary elements it would operate at an even lower level of effectiveness. Recent experience in Cambodia tragically illustrates the cost of trying to do without the market entirely. The Power of the Market 11 Just as no society operates entirely on the command principle, so none operates entirely through voluntary cooperation. Every society has some command elements. These take many forms. They may be as straightforward as military conscription or forbidding the purchase and sale of heroin or cyclamates or court orders to named defendants to desist from or perform specified actions. Or, at the other extreme, they may be as subtle as imposing a heavy tax on cigarettes to discourage smoking—a hint, if not a command, by some of us to others of us. It makes a vast difference what the mix is—whether voluntary exchange is primarily a clandestine activity that flourishes because of the rigidities of a dominant command element, or whether voluntary exchange is the dominant principle of organization, supplemented to a smaller or larger extent by command elements. Clandestine voluntary exchange may prevent a command economy from collapsing, may enable it to creak along and even achieve some progress. It can do little to undermine the tyranny on which a predominantly command economy rests. A predominantly voluntary exchange economy, on the other hand, has within it the potential to promote both prosperity and human freedom. It may not achieve its potential in either respect, but we know of no society that has ever achieved prosperity and freedom unless voluntary exchange has been its dominant principle of organization. We hasten to add that voluntary exchange is not a sufficient condition for prosperity and freedom. That, at least, is the lesson of history to date. Many societies organized predominantly by voluntary exchange have not achieved either prosperity or freedom, though they have achieved a far greater measure of both than authoritarian societies. But voluntary exchange is a necessary condition for both prosperity and freedom. COOPERATION THROUGH VOLUNTARY EXCHANGE A delightful story called "I, Pencil: My Family Tree as Told to Leonard E. Read" 2 dramatizes vividly how voluntary exchange enables millions of people to cooperate with one another. Mr. Read, in the voice of the "Lead Pencil—the ordinary wooden pencil familiar to all boys and girls and adults who can read and write," starts his story with the fantastic statement that "not a 12 FREE TO CHOOSE: A Personal Statement single person . . . knows how to make me." Then he proceeds to tell about all the things that go into the making of a pencil. First, the wood comes from a tree, "a cedar of straight grain that grows in Northern California and Oregon." To cut down the tree and cart the logs to the railroad siding requires "saws and trucks and rope and . . . countless other gear." Many persons and numberless skills are involved in their fabrication: in "the mining of ore, the making of steel and its refinement into saws, axes, motors; the growing of hemp and bringing it through all the stages to heavy and strong rope; the logging camps with their beds and mess halls, . . . untold thousands of persons had a hand in every cup of coffee the loggers drink!" And so Mr. Read goes on to the bringing of the logs to the mill, the millwork involved in converting the logs to slats, and the transportation of the slats from California to Wilkes-Barre, where the particular pencil that tells the story was manufactured. And so far we have only the outside wood of the pencil. The "lead" center is not really lead at all. It starts as graphite mined in Ceylon. After many complicated processes it ends up as the lead in the center of the pencil. The bit of metal—the ferrule—near the top of the pencil is brass. "Think of all the persons," he says, "who mine zinc and copper and those who have the skills to make shiny sheet brass from these products of nature." What we call the eraser is known in the trade as "the plug. " It is thought to be rubber. But Mr. Read tells us the rubber is only for binding purposes. The erasing is actually done by "Factice," a rubberlike product made by reacting rape seed oil from the Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia) with sulfur chloride. After all of this, says the pencil, "Does anyone wish to challenge my earlier assertion that no single person on the face of this earth knows how to make me?" None of the thousands of persons involved in producing

Also see my "Wisdom of the crowds" post I made. Socialism is a complete failure. On my first fast reading of your distributionist system it seems to me to be some sick mixture of capitalism and socialism? If so then it requires the individual in some regulatory government agency mentioned by Hayek to make economic decisions at some level.

But as we have seen this individual cannot be as efficient as free market capitalism because of several reasons among them .

1. Hayek's statement above. 2. "wisdom of the Crowds" theory. 3. an individual is more careful with his own money than a government idiot spending someone else's money.4. Socialism has never worked. 5.government agencies and programs are not efficient

You take these factors all together and you can see that government or a mixed system is never as efficient as free market capitalism.

It is against Freedom to force me to file a tax return which will enrich government and that is so complex to file that it may incriminate me. Ask Scooter Libby or the Duke lacrosse players if government can’t indict you for any techicality.

Democrats think they own the fruits of our labor and so our lives. They say that government politicians know how to better use our money (fruits of our labor) for “solving” made up problems like Global warming.