Dat Mon
Since Sep 11, 2004

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Ive decided to update this page...since Ive been posting on this site for a while now, and hopefully most have had the misfortune or fortune to interact with me on a thread, or read some of my posts.

I own an electrical / electronics engineering consulting / research and development company, and have much experience designing high end electronic systems for DOD and NASA programs; several of my designs are currently flying in space. My proudest achievement was architecture and design of a key subsystem for the MILSTAR DOD satellite, which is providing secure communications for our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

My background is not important in and of itself...but it hopefully gives me some minimal degree of credibility in talking about some of the more important topics to me....such as national security, national sovereignty, high technology, and our future as a world leader in engineering and high tech.

In addition, I have concerns about the effect of longstanding liberally based social and economic programs which are having a devastating effect on the long term cultural stability and viability of our constitutional republic.

In that context, you will also find me talking about immigration policies, and guest worker bills of all types.

You will also find me talking about the corrupting influence of special interests in shaping and gaming the economic and legal system, instituted by the government (at all levels) for their own financial gains.

Although I get into the fun and cameraderie of FR on some of the lighter and funnier threads....Im becoming more convinced every day that the time for just joking around has passed...we have some serious work and times ahead of us.

On the lighter side though...we all need an escape from it all sometimes...so dont be surprised to also see me on a thread about good music, windsurfing (not the Kerry kind), or attractive women.