Since Jun 23, 2000

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To All Who Visit My Page: Thank you for all your prayers and support for my Daughter, Senior Airman Roxy E., who was stationed Baghdad, Iraq this past six months. She has returned home alive and well, and we are grateful to God for the gift. Please remember also my nephew Joshua and the men of the 82nd Airborne as they do battle in Iraq.

Your prayers and your support mean so much to our men and women fighting the War on Terror. Please continue to lift her and all our troops up to the God who created them; the God of Battle is also the God of Love. Though all the earth be dark, yet the Light of God shines through the darkness - and the darkness shall not overcome it...

If you're visiting this page, you're probably here because I irritated you and you hope to wreak justice upon me for my thought crime. Just let me head you off at the pass by saying, "I'm so so sorry, I validate your feelings and your worth, and I know that you are just trying to make it through another day without some idiot raining on your parade. Please accept my heartfelt wish for you to find affirmation and faith in humankind once again. God loves you just the way you are, and you are important to Him."

That being said, I'm right and you know it.

Now that we have that out of the way, you might surmise I'm a writer; I like to take up the banner for a particular cause, and I occasionally make money at it, which is fun. The poetry is a different story; I don't make money at it, but I know that when I am dead, someone will find it, and think it's awful and trite. Still, they'll save it because it's poetry, and poetry is the soul in written form, y'know. So I'm guaranteed immortality through my sad poems - they are behind the stuffed blue chair in the bedroom, so don't lose them.

I am also an artist, which means I make lots of things pretty for free. This indicates poverty, which is the natural state of artists and musicians. I also show up on a few CDs out there as a blues/country/gospel singer, so that means I'm guaranteed to be broke. I like to think of it as "living simply", but others call it "living hand to mouth". Hmmmph.

I'm the last of the John Birch Bohemians, born way too late. I enjoy creating people, too; the best artistic expression is a child.

Thank God for Free Republic, or I'd be doomed - anywhere else I'd be ritualistically slaughtered...

Oh, and this is for you:
Your happiness is now. You will look back on this day and realize, "Oh, I was happy, even in my time of heartache; I didn't yet know it, but I found joy. I didn't recognize the hand of God, and yet, He was with me."